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Ferry to Sausalito

A ferry ride from San Francisco to Sausalito on a sunny 70 degree February day was travel perfection. It caused my daughter, who lives in San Francisco, to exclaim, “This is why it never gets old.” And my 84-year-old mother visiting from ice-bound Michigan confessed, “This is something I’ve always wanted to do.” For me?

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Traveling in Cars with Cats

Most cats are not very fond of car travel. Part of the reason is that by nature they are territorial and prefer to rule their kingdom, also known as your home. They have a routine; a schedule and they stick to it. Removing them from their comfort zone can be extremely stressful.

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Twelve Tips to Optimize Your Cruise Experience

In my prior two columns I’ve shared the advantages and the ShareThis

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Ten Travel Top Tens

Ten Travel Top Tens


10 Travel Top Tens

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Tripadvisor: the GrandDaddy of all Travel Sites

Tripadvisor is the GrandDaddy of all Travel Sites. Who amongst us has not spent hours on TripAdvisor - exploring, reading, writing reviews ourselves, researching for our next trip? Being Grossed Out by the 2011 Dirtiest Hotels, vowing to do even MORE research for our travels?

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Ten Free - or Almost Free - Things to Enjoy in Paris


If Paris is your travel destination, sightseeing in Paris can definitely fit into a budget travel  itenerary. There are many things that I enjoy doing in Paris that I do not have to spend money on, or if I do it is on a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Some of my favorite activities are listed below.

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