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Climate Change is Ripping Apart My Adopted Family and Country Tarawa, Kiribati


Climate Change is Ripping Apart My Adopted Family and Country Tarawa, Kiribati (formerly known as the Gilbert Islands)

On December 12, 2000, I wrote home from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Close Encounters of the Fowl Kind: A Zany Slice of Italy


After a few days spent with my in-laws in Abruzzo, we’re ready to make the trek back home to Tuscany.

Over morning coffee, David says, “My parents have a gift for us: two hens, their best ones!”

The three of them anxiously watch my response.

“Now you can have fresh eggs every day!” Maria happily says.

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What it’s like Visiting a Beach Town in Winter

‘Pointless’ might be something you would expect when I tell you what it’s like to visit a beach town in winter. When a town makes its living during the summer months of tourists visiting its sandy beaches and Lake Huron shores, it’s easy to pretend that the town doesn’t exist in the winter months.


Walking Sydney: North Bondi to South Head


When I was but a nipper, my folks couldn’t afford to buy me a bike. (No, I am not one of the four Yorkshiremen, this is not a tale of whose poverty is the greatest, wins a-la M Python!).

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5 Affordable Family Restaurants in Hilton Head

Exploring something new. That’s what vacation is all about for our family. And one of the best ways to keep that theme alive revolves around the meal table. We try to avoid chain restaurants in general but as a rule when we’re on the road. But unless you have your own kitchen, meal costs can add up fast.



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