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What To Do (and What Not To Do) on a Service Learning Project


My first trip to Ecuador in 2003 was fabulous. As an ambitious 22 year old, I recruited a small group of young eager teachers and spent the summer teaching English to very poor children on the coast of Ecuador. We had a great time in the exotic land all the way in South America.

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Foodie Finds: il Canale, the Best Restaurant in Georgetown


It is rare, when traveling, to find THE perfect restaurant. You know what I mean – we do the research (urbanspoon, yelp, chowhound), look at maps, try to figure out where you’re staying and what’s around there. But you still never know about service, food quality, location, and if it will fit your family.

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A Warm Welcome at Palomar, Kimpton's Luxury Boutique Hotel in DC


We found a home. When we were invited to the White House for the Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship this past week, we knew we'd need a home base.

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Italy: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, and How to Fit In


You know when you've found a kindred travel spirit, you can't get enough of sharing experiences? And you talk all night, and then over coffee for breakfast, barely stopping and gleaning each other's knowledge for new places to go, things to see, dishes to try...

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Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern: Saugerties' Luxury Boutique Hotel


Named best boutique hotel in the Hudson Valley for two years in a row, the Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern has become the place to stay for discerning travelers and visitors to the Hudson Valley.

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Ring in the New Year in China at the Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival


In Suzhou, China locals and visitors literally ring in the New Year at the Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival. Held on December 31st, the festival welcomes the New Year in Suzhou. Hanshan Temple, over 1400 years old, is one of the ten most famous temples in China. In ancient times, monks struck the bell at midnight to remind people a new day was coming.

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