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You don't have to be a President to Sleep in the White House - Part 2


You don't have to be a President to Sleep in the White House - Part 2

Celebrate President’s Week at a B&B with Presidential connections

Last year we covered inns and B&Bs with White House connections.  This year we’re focusing in on those with Presidential ties.  While the Obama family is in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you don’t have to be a famous celebrity, well-known politician, or a deep-pockets donor to sleep where U.S. presidents once visited. “You can park in the First Lady’s parking spot, dine in the Reagan Dining Room, and even sleep in the West Wing at these B&Bs, all featuring presidential or White House connections,” saysSandy Soule, of Visit to review a complete list of Presidential Packages, with offers fit for a king or a president!  Additionally, save $50 on a two-night presidential getaway when you book online on before February 28. Simply reserve at any inn displaying the green “book it” button, and type BBROMANCE50 in the "Redeem Special Promo Code" box before completing your reservation.

Enjoy presidential trivia, breakfasts cooked by a former White House chef, and bedrooms once frequented by U.S. presidents, while basking in guest room fit for a world leader at these B&Bs, listed in alpha-order by state.


White House B&Bs - Roosevelt Room - Devonfield

White House B&Bs - Roosevelt Room - Devonfield


Swann House Historic Inn, Washington, DC: In the early 1900s, the Swann House was owned by socialite  Eva Cromwell.  In 1912, she married J.P. Morgan partner, E.T. Stotesbury, one of the wealthiest men in America. As a wedding gift, he gave his new bride $4 million and a $500,000 diamond necklace.  The wedding took place in what is now the Swann House Historic Dupont Circle Inn with Washington's social elite in attendance. Among the honored guests was the nation's 27th president, William Howard Taft. A Washington Post photographer captured President Taft’s  rotund silhouette as he descended the front steps of Swann House.

Hall Place, Glasgow, KY: Abraham Lincoln visited this B&B when it was first built as a home for the Tompkins family. Abe studied law under Judge Christopher Tompkins as did his law partner Stephen Logan. Stephen Logan was from Glasgow and lived just blocks away. 

1800 Devonfield Inn, Lee, MA: Rumor has it that in 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s chauffeur drove him across Devonfield’s front lawn for a visit with the visiting Queen Wilhelmina of Holland. Be sure to stay in the Roosevelt Suite; unlike the windowless Roosevelt room in the White House, Devonfield’s room has a panoramic view of the lawn, plus a wood-burning fireplace for fireside chats.

Brewster Inn, Dexter, ME:  This 8000-square-foot former governor’s mansion has hosted Presidents Taft and Truman as well as senators and governors. The home was featured in the movie “The Aviator” in which former Maine Governor Brewster was involved in a secret government task force. 

Inn of the Patriots and Presidential Culinary Museum, Grover, NC: While the inn is painted white, the Presidential draw here is former Executive Chef to the President, Martin Mongiello. As a former White House and Camp David Chef, Chef Marti has collected everything from a large display of Presidential photos to White House china, letters from Presidents and even Wooden Easter eggs rolled on the White House lawn each year. Guests can take a guided tour through this collection, and enjoy breakfasts and afternoon treats that are fit for a President. 

Colonel Taylor Inn, Cambridge, OH: Colonel Joseph D. Taylor built the Taylor Mansion in 1878. The Colonel was a lawyer by trade and a long-time U.S. Congressman. Books about the Colonel confirm that he was close friends with Presidents Hays, Garfield, and McKinley. President McKinley definitely stayed at the inn, and the innkeepers suspect that Presidents Hays and Garfield also visited during the years Colonel Taylor owned the home.


Williamsburg - Teddy Roosevelt Artifacts

Williamsburg - Teddy Roosevelt Artifacts


A Williamsburg White House, Williamsburg, VA: A passion for presidential politics led the owners to open a B&B to show off all their Presidential photos and White House collections.  Arrive and choose to park in the Chief of Staff or First Lady’s reserved parking spot. You’ll dine in the Reagan Dining Room and relax in the Kennedy Library, filled with photos and reminders of President Kennedy’s time in the White House. Choose to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom suite, complete with Ford’s Theater sitting room, or stay in the newer West Wing with FDR’s Suite, complete with photos of his time in office. True to its theme, including the front door sign that reads “Homeland Security asks that you please close the door,” this B&B is ideal for political junkies and those looking for a positively presidential respite within walking distance of Colonial Williamsburg. 


Williamsburg Exterior



Williamsburg - JFK Library

Williamsburg - JFK Library



Marti Mayne is the B&B Editor for Wandering Educators.




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