Passports with Purpose 2012: Building Wells in Haiti

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Nov 28, 2012 / 0 comments

We're so happy here at Wandering Educators to support humanitarian efforts around the world. This will be the fifth year that we're participating in a philanthropic raffle called Passports with Purpose - a raffle with incredible travel gifts, from travel bloggers and companies all around the world.

Started by Beth Whitman, Pam Mandel, Debbie Dubrow, and Michelle Duffy, this is an incredible effort by travel bloggers, companies, and readers to change the world. Bravo!


As we all have traveled around the world, we've seen a plethora of instances where we wish we could help. Here's a way to do just that - and win some extraordinary prizes along the way.  


Our past Passports with Purpose efforts have:

2008: Raised money for Heifer International
2009: Built a school in Cambodia
2010: Built 25 homes in South India, with Friends of LAFTI
2011: Built two libraries in Zambia, with Room to Read.


This year, the Passports with Purpose beneficiary is, earmarked specifically to build five wells in Haiti. For more than two decades, has been at the forefront of discovering and delivering solutions to the water crisis - giving women hope, children good health, and communities new opportunities. has empowered nearly one million people with clean water and toilets.


This is such a worthy cause, and we're so happy to be part of this movement of travel bloggers to change the world.  YOUR money and donations in this raffle will go to build 5 wells in Haiti - and change lives.



Our Prize:

Serendipitously, we've partnered with Dream Water!

Dream Water has graciously donated 1 master case (144 bottles) of Dream Water, the first natural zero calorie water that helps you relax and fall asleep. Dream Water is TSA approved and available in over 1,000 airport retailers such as Hudson News and Paradies Shops, as well as in 30,000 locations nationwide – making it easily accessible and great for travelers who want to sleep on long flights.

Available only in the Continental US

Retail Value: $430.50.


Dream Water




I've tried Dream Water: 

I have a difficult time falling asleep and staying much so that I have taken sleep meds for decades. However, I am loathe to take them on a flight or a drive, since I am not guaranteed 8 hours of time before I have to be functional! Dream Water is a great product for me - and to be honest, something I thought I'd never find.

I tried Dream Water this weekend, and here's what happened. I had 3 hours of free time. I drank a cute little bottle of Dream Water - the snoozeberry flavor tasted somewhat like a grownup koolaid, to be honest - delicious and very light. I slipped into deep relaxation - and then fell asleep for over an hour. It was glorious - and the kind of restful sleep that rarely comes my way. Impressive! I will definitely be using Dream Water on our travels - and arriving rested.



I wanted the backstory:

So I talked with Vincent Porpiglia, Co-Founder of Dream Water. Here's what he had to say...


Vincent Porpiglia


Please tell us about Dream Water...

Dream Water is the first natural sleep enhancer with zero calories, no preservatives and natural active ingredients that help you relax and fall asleep. Its three natural ingredients are GABA (to help relax), Melatonin (to help induce sleep) and 5-HTP Tryptophan (to help improve the quality of sleep) and it comes in three delicious flavors: Snoozeberry, Lullaby Lemon, and Pineapple PM. Dream Water is sold at only $2.99 a shot in over 30,000 retail locations, including Target, Wal-Mart, Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and Safeway.


What inspired you to create Dream Water?

It all started with the fact that I struggled with sleep as an undergrad and I wanted to do something about it. I later found out that I wasn’t the only one, over 70 million Americans can’t sleep! Sleep issues are exacerbated by economic, political, environmental, and really any stressful situations people are experiencing. I knew there were numerous pill options in the market, but no natural liquid remedies. I spent a few years researching and developing Dream Water with sleep and relaxation experts all on the premise that given the many liquid energy options, there should also be something that helps us all wind down.


Are there any side effects to Dream Water?

Scientifically formulated and drug free, Dream Water's key natural ingredients work together to help you relax, fall asleep naturally, manage jetlag, and wake up refreshed. Its convenient, fast-acting liquid form helps you fall asleep without the side effects of prescription pills.


What might people be surprised to know about Dream Water?

Dream Water’s 2.5 oz bottle is TSA compliant – it’s a perfect carry-on item, great for long flights and is available for purchase in major airport retailers nationwide.


Dream Water


Why is Dream Water great for travelers?

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, can be a stressful process, or at least be disruptive to our normal sleep schedules. When you add new environmental sleep issues, like close quarters in a cruise cabin, a new bed or jet lag, sleep issues can often be exacerbated and negatively impact the overall trip. Dream Water offers the traveler a natural, 0-calorie shot that can help with their rest and relaxation needs.




How to participate:

Head to Passports with Purpose, and dig deeply into the prizes, which include a plethora of global goods and electronics. For each prize you'd like to enter the raffle for, you donate $10 to PWP for Want more than one prize (my problem)? Buy more than one raffle ticket!



2012 key dates:

November 28 - Raffle opens
December 11 - Raffle donations for prizes closes
December 18 - Prize winners notified



Thanks to everyone who participated, Passports with Purpose funded the building of five wells in Haiti, raising over $110,000. Our winner is Anna Santos - congratulations!


Thank you, Dream Water, for your generous donation of water, to help those without water. Genius!


And thank you, readers, for supporting Passports with Purpose, and building wells in Haiti!




PRIZE Details!

Prize: 1 master case (144 bottles) of Dream Water, the first natural zero calorie water that helps you relax and fall asleep. Dream Water is TSA approved and available in over 1,000 airport retailers such as Hudson News and Paradies Shops, as well as in 30,000 locations nationwide – making it easily accessible and great for travelers who want to sleep on long flights.  


Dollar Value: 430.50  

Prize Delivery: Dream Water will mail to prize recipient

NOTE: Available only within the continental US 



Dream Water




Passports with Purpose is sponsored by Homeaway, Travellerspoint, TripIt, Expedia, Hostelbookers, and Go with Oh.



All photos courtesy and copyright Dream Water

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