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Frozen Frenzy


It seems the nation has been caught up in a Frozen frenzy. Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time, the songs are everywhere, and it has become difficult to speak the phrase “let it go,” without prompting a resounding chorus from all those nearby.

Top 10 Free Disney Souvenirs


While there’s no denying that Disney vacations are magical experiences, they’re also pricey ones. Between tickets, hotel stays, transportation, and food, a single trip can quickly get out of hand – and out of budget – for many visitors to the parks. Purchasing souvenirs in addition to the necessities can be overwhelming.

Top 5 Disney Surprises


For me, one of the most special things about Disney World are the little surprises that can pop up when least expected.

New Disney World Parade: Festival of Fantasy


A new parade has taken up residence in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Known as Festival of Fantasy, it features figures from princess movies, tales of adventure, and the Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland. Come see Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and a host of other fantastical characters!

All Aboard! An Unexpected Train Adventure


When my family and I thought “overnight train ride,” visions of Orient Express-like train cars danced in our heads. We were unpleasantly surprised.

Walking on Water: Studying Abroad in Venice


Walking on Water, by Eleanor Goodall, is a novel following the story of a college girl spending a semester in Venice with other students from around the world. Through her interactions and experiences, the reader is taken on a journey in Venice through the eyes of a newcomer eager to learn and equipped with a sense of adventure.


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