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Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way: the Music Begins

The west coast of Ireland: from the mouth of the Kenmare River in west Cork in the south up to Banba’s Crown at the top of Donegal in the northwest, the length of Ireland’s Atlantic seaboard is framed in the Wild Atlantic Way, a driving route where, as the folk at Failte Irel

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The Ultimate Paris Playlist


Paris is an amazing city to be in. The food is great, the smells are (usually) great, and the sights are unparalleled. But when you find yourself on the metro in need of something to take your mind off of the mass of bodies that threatens the safety of your personal bubble, I recommend turning your music up and your consciousness of the hordes around you ‘off’.


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What Do Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Life of Brian Have in Common?


What do Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Monty Python's Life of Brian have in common? I bet you were wracking your brain to remember if Harrison Ford was in Life of Brian (he wasn’t). No, it’s more geographic – all of them were filmed in Tunisia!

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Influenced by study in Italy, biography of Michelangelo’s David now on Kickstarter


Prof. Victor Coonin has been “into” Italian Renaissance art history for his whole adult life, but the experience of doing his Masters degree at Syracuse University in Florence was unquestionably a formative one. Up close contact with original works of art allows you to live with art and understand it better.

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Traveling the Cambodian Genocide


Sometimes, even though history is unbearable to revisit, we must. We must to change the future, to honor those that have lost their lives, to make sure that this never happens again. One such history is the tragegy that is still unfolding in Cambodia.

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