Read This: The Moth Girl

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 23, 2022 /
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The world needs more books like this! 

I recently read an extraordinary new YA novel, entitled The Moth Girl, written by Heather Kamins. Why do I make such a bold statement?

Read This: The Moth Girl

The Empathy Advantage: Coaching Children to be Kind, Respectful, & Successful

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“Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering. Nothing—not career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we’re going to survive with dignity” - Audrey Hepburn
I have long believed in the power of empathy and the need for more of it in our classrooms and our boardrooms. 

Renowned Education Researchers on “I Love Learning”

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The following is an excerpt from 10 Steps to Develop Great Learners by Professor John Hattie and Educator Kyle Hattie.

10 Steps to Develop Great Learners by Professor John Hattie and Educator Kyle Hattie.

Growing the Rhyme and Encouraging Imagination

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Read This: Longing for Istanbul: The Words I Haven't Said Yet

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She's done it again. With her latest book, featuring 11 beautiful, powerfully written essays, author Lisa Morrow shares the joys and challenges of living in Istanbul, Turkey. The essays span the gamut of emotions and experiences of living abroad, from small daily details to larger, overarching themes, and from vocabulary to cultural differences to the magic of finding home.

Great Pilgrimage Sites of Europe

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Englishman Derry Brabbs is well respected as a photographer of historic sites and landscapes. He has brought those interests together in his book Great Pilgrimage Sites of Europe.

Great Pilgrimage Sites of Europe

As you might expect, photography is at the heart of things here. Brabbs offers an eclectic selection of 33 sites found in across 13 countries in western Europe.

Read This: The Musician's Lifeline

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If you love books you can dip in and out of for nuggets of information, inspiration, and conversation, The Musician's Lifeline could be your book.

Read This: The Musician's Lifeline

The Identity Thief Will Steal Your Mind

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If I could give Alex Bryant’s debut novel, The Identity Thief, the first in The God Machine series, a single identity, it would be: Addictive.

A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival

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I am very pleased to present one of my very favorite books I've read this year, written by our very own Literary Travel Editor, Robert Todd Felton.  His book, A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival, published by Roaring Forties Press, is an intriguing read.

The Teaching Brain: Changing the Field of Education

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Oct 05, 2017 /
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Never ever ever ever do you, as a teacher, want to stop learning. It influences the newness of your approach, which influences the receptivity of your students and makes them as excited as you are.