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Intercultural Education

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Profiles in International Education: A Compendium


We've been lucky enough to interview many international educators here on Wandering Educators, for our series entitled Profiles in International Education.


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Music, Ireland, Love: The Carnival at Bray


It’s difficult to move. It’s even more difficult when you’re a teenager – and you’re moving to another country. Such is the case with protagonist Maggie Lynch in Jessie Ann Foley’s fantastic new book, The Carnival at Bray.

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Imagining A Global Education Standard


Dreaming big means imagining possibilities not accessible to our current reality. A big dream, when spoken aloud, sounds bonkers to the average person. Our big dream of the day is a global education standard.

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Music, Family, & Friends: Celtic Colours on Cape Breton

Community: that’s a word which comes to mind when you think of Cape Breton.

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Through the Eyes of an Educator: Berlin

As a traveler, I look for the beauty in the everyday. The colourful sunsets, the peace hidden in the whitecap of a wave, and the freedom exuded by children flying high on the swings are all joys of an adventure.

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Graduates in Wonderland


Rare are the books that get intercultural living; rarer still are the ones that are funny, interesting, and keep you reading with their honesty. One such remarkable book is Graduates in Wonderland: A Memoir of Friendship.

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