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Dubai: a city of extravagance and struggle

Dubai seems to be a city with no limits. From the skyscrapers to the slums, everything in this urban oasis challenges our traditional conceptions of the word “big,” and because of this, Dubai has attracted immigrants from all over the world in search of opportunity and extravagance.  


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Exploration, Freedom, and Being in Control of My Life


Growing up, summer vacations meant hiking in Mammoth Mountain. After the first couple consecutive years, I was ready to go somewhere else. We used to go other places—Palm Springs, Big Bear, San Francisco, Arizona, Utah. We even went all the way to Disney World when I was seven. So I began looking through the AAA book for some new ideas.

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Lessons I Learned on Vacation

I’ve always been a bit strange. As a child, I collected trash. Like old Reese’s wrappers. I’m not sure if I felt bad for the poor thing not having any chocolate-covered peanut butter left in it, or if I thought the wrapper was pretty, or what. All I know is I gave literal meaning to one’s man trash is Brianna’s treasure.


10 Things You’ll Learn as a First-Time Traveler to China


10 Things You’ll Learn as a First-Time Traveler to China


10 Things You’ll Learn as a First-Time Traveler to China



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3 Reasons Why it's Imperative to Eat Local Foods


Eating local foods when you’re in a foreign country isn't just important. It's imperative.

Food is my absolute #1 favorite part about traveling. I am completely obsessed with eating local dishes everywhere I go.

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Empress of the Night Author Eva Stachniak on Writing, Travel, and Inspiration


In the maelstrom of facts and myths that is history, dates, personages, and events both cataclysmic and small swirl throughout time, gradually losing force as new events take place, new rulers ascend, new wars obliterate memories of past battles.

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