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What To Do (and What Not To Do) on a Service Learning Project


My first trip to Ecuador in 2003 was fabulous. As an ambitious 22 year old, I recruited a small group of young eager teachers and spent the summer teaching English to very poor children on the coast of Ecuador. We had a great time in the exotic land all the way in South America.

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Film Studies International Interning in London: Jamie Bergey​


Jamie Bergey is a current student at the University of Pittsburgh and will graduate in April 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and Economics. She completed an international internship in London, England with the MAMA Youth Project organization.

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Falling Rock


Do you love to share history and culture with your kids through stories? Me, too (in fact, that's the way I love to learn!). We love to read about different cultures, people, times, events - these small things, put together, bring the world alive to us.

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Give Thanks for Diversity

This week marks the 15th anniversary of International Education Week. It is a time to celebrate international exchange, and promote cross-cultural understanding on a global scale. As more American students engage in study abroad trips, and foreign students continue seeking educational opportunities here in the U.S., our world is becoming more interconnected than ever before.

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Music, Ireland, Love: The Carnival at Bray


It’s difficult to move. It’s even more difficult when you’re a teenager – and you’re moving to another country. Such is the case with protagonist Maggie Lynch in Jessie Ann Foley’s fantastic new book, The Carnival at Bray.

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Imagining A Global Education Standard


Dreaming big means imagining possibilities not accessible to our current reality. A big dream, when spoken aloud, sounds bonkers to the average person. Our big dream of the day is a global education standard.

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