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What it’s like Visiting a Beach Town in Winter

‘Pointless’ might be something you would expect when I tell you what it’s like to visit a beach town in winter. When a town makes its living during the summer months of tourists visiting its sandy beaches and Lake Huron shores, it’s easy to pretend that the town doesn’t exist in the winter months.

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The Best of Ireland: Exploring the Dingle Peninsula

I cannot blame it on the desire for warm, green grass after such a crazy, cold winter or even upcoming St.

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Expert Shares Best Australia Planning and Travel Tips


Everyone wants to visit Australia - it's true!

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Toasty Coffee Shops in 5 Unusual Wintry Ski Towns


While we love our Michigan winters, there are so many wonderful places to play in the outdoors, all around the world. Here, we’ve discovered some unusual ski towns – and some mighty fine coffee, to go with. Take a look…

Yes, She Doth Still 'Rain' Over Us! Celebrating Australia Day in Sydney


On a drizzling day, when a distant British Queen sanctioned a Phillipant Australian Prime Minister’s “Captain’s Call,” turning a Pommy (Aussie slang for English) Duke (Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s husband) into Knight, we celebrated Australia Day on Sydney Harbour, afloat on a boat.

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Hit The Road to Antigua


You’ve safely arrived in Guatemala, you’ve rented a car, and you’re looking for your first stop on the road trip of a lifetime.

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