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Pssst...Great Sydney Harbour Views...Cheap, Too!


In colonial times, the military usually took the best spots of settlement, you know, security and all that, although Governors and their ilk generally didn’t fare too badly, either. On the tops of hills where in the days before planes, you could see the enemy coming, by ship, foot or horse, there were often forts with tunnels to gun-ports.

Do Do - Doo, Run, Run: Sydney's Dog Friendly Beach


Australians generally love three things: their food, their beaches … and their dogs.

Holman Ranch: An Angle of Absolute Repose

Wallace Stegner wrote a vivid novel with an equally compelling title: Angle of Repose. That title came to mind when I visited historic Holman Ranch, the 400-acre property in Carmel Valley, California. The ranch grounds themselves are in a lovely little valley of their own, sitting in an agreeable angle of repose among the oak-studded hills.


Winging It in the Amazon

It’s all fun and games until you get birds involved…then mayhem, hilarity, and learning ensue!


My 5 Favorite Green Spaces in New York City


NYC is called many things: the city of lights, dreams, the cultural capital of the world. However, I’ve never heard it being called the city of gardens, nature, or greenery.

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