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Beautiful Views in Lotofen, Norway


Lofoten is worth a visit if you are travelling to northern Norway! Take a look...


Gorgeous scenery in Lofoten, Norway. Photographer Benny Høynes


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Traverse City Wine Country: Fall Colors and the Perfect Grapes


In summertime, the highlands of Michigan’s Traverse City region are thick with cherry trees, their branches bowed down with bright red fruit. But when autumn arrives, everyone’s attention turns to a different crop.

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The Perfect Fall Colors Weekend Getaway: Traverse City


Even though I am a lifelong resident of the Midwest, I’m still stunned by the gorgeous fall color extravaganza that nature puts on. Each year, we plan several getaways to fully explore the fall colors in Michigan.  The reflections of the oranges and reds on the calm, still lakes in Michigan are unsurpassed for the essence of fall beauty.


Sydney on Foot: The Three Bridges Walk

Now like you, I am prone to exaggerate sometimes.

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Conservation and Education at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium


Each summer, countless visitors across the country enjoy taking their families to zoos and aquariums all across the United States. There’s something about watching wild animals that’s captivating. There’s a level of curiosity that entrances both children and adults as they view the animals in a habitat where they can get up close and personal and learn more about them.

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War Creek


Have you ever read a book with such an extraordinary sense of place that you either felt at home –or longed to feel at home– there? Have you ever traveled to a place where you immediately felt at home? What is the unique draw of these places? And why do these places affect each of us so differently?

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