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Traveling with children

Find articles and recommendations on traveling with children, from our community of traveling educators
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How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane


Have you ever held treasure in your hands? You know, those books that make you laugh out loud throughout the entire book, nod your head in agreement, text best friends great lines, and induce a flurry of both written and oral recommendations on book sites and in person?

Top 10 Free Disney Souvenirs


While there’s no denying that Disney vacations are magical experiences, they’re also pricey ones. Between tickets, hotel stays, transportation, and food, a single trip can quickly get out of hand – and out of budget – for many visitors to the parks. Purchasing souvenirs in addition to the necessities can be overwhelming.

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What Can a Teen Learn from Traveling?


Until recently, Africa was one of the continents that I hadn’t visited. In January, I finally got to step foot in Africa. We were taking a week long break from Spain and visiting Morocco. We had brilliant plans: sleep in the Sahara Desert, go to a traditional cooking school, visit Marrakech…

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Roadschooling: The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel


Many of you know firsthand that travel is an education. By opening yourself up to learning about where you are, you gain a far broader knowledge of the world than any other methods combined.

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The Complete Guide to Planning a Family Daycation

Are there places nearby that you’ve always intended to visit with your kids but you haven’t? I know the feeling. Even though we’ve lived in northeast Ohio for several years, there are still plenty of places we’ve heard about but never gone.


How to get an A+ in Amazon 101

Bags are packed, equipment checked, guidebooks read and re-read. We are ready! We already know more than the average Joe about the Amazon.  If we were preparing for a test, we’d expect an A+.


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