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Traveling with children

Find articles and recommendations on traveling with children, from our community of traveling educators
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Three Resorts Ideal for Families


When you’re looking for a luxurious family break away, finding the perfect destination is never easy. As nice as some places look in the brochure, sometimes reality can be a world away from your expectations.

Big Changes in Thailand


After nineteen years, Ashley and I finally made it back to Thailand. In 1995, we split our time between an environmental NGO and a university biology department in the southern provinces of Trang and Songkhla, but had never had the time, money, and opportunity to get back until now.

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Taipei with Kids: 24 Tips for a Great Trip

Our Taipei experience has been a whirlwind but despite that, or maybe because of it, we accumulated a small mountain of tips for traveling with kids through this modern Taiwanese city.  There’s plenty out there about where to go in Taipei and you can make an educated guess about the destinations your kids will like best.  As usual, we’re f

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The Family Traveler’s Handbook


Who do you go to when you want advice? The experts, of course! And with family travel, there are so many questions that parents (and kids) have, from where to go, to what to pack, to how to fly with a baby, to finding meaningful experiences on the road.

Traveling Families: Worth the Drive


There is one thing I must say: traveling families are awesome. I define traveling families as families (at least one parent and one kid) who currently do not live in a stationary house. They do this because they can, not because they have to. It is something they, and we, love to do.


Here are five facts about traveling families.


A Family RV Adventure: The Kids Perspective


After staying in Michigan for the summer, just moving one hour every other week or so, my family was ready to move on... until we heard that our very good friends, the Keiters, were heading our direction.

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