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Traveling with children

Find articles and recommendations on traveling with children, from our community of traveling educators

Six Secrets of Barcelona

Once you’ve “been there, done that” and seen Barcelona’s major tourist draws, it’s time to get off the beaten path and experience the Catalan capital’s hidden gems. Escape the tourist masses and uncover these six “secret” sights - plus a special bonus at the end, for good measure!  


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5 Affordable Family Restaurants in Hilton Head

Exploring something new. That’s what vacation is all about for our family. And one of the best ways to keep that theme alive revolves around the meal table. We try to avoid chain restaurants in general but as a rule when we’re on the road. But unless you have your own kitchen, meal costs can add up fast.



Disney Developments: What’s in Store for the Happiest Place on Earth?


Off Season Magic

When the summer crowds, spring and fall festivals, and holiday bustle has died down, work at the Walt Disney parks swings into full force.

Students Caught “Read-Handed” in the Amazon!

Students Caught “Read-Handed” in the Amazon!


Students caught "read-handed" in the Amazon!


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Exploring Pittsburgh: Carnegie Museum of Natural History


I’ve wanted to be a paleontologist since I was six years old. In addition to the Barbie dolls and Legos I played with, my parents would buy me books on dinosaurs and plastic dinosaur toys because I was so fascinated by these larger-than-life creatures that once walked the earth.

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Top Tips for Visiting Disney World


You’re planning a trip to Disney World in Orlando, and wondering where to start, yes? It can be overwhelming, when you dig into the internet, to discover exactly WHAT you should be doing to plan a trip to Disney, and have fun while doing so.


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