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Some Journeys Should Remain the Road Less Traveled

Whoever said it’s about the journey, not the destination has never traveled with my family. We get adventures, but not the kind you scream ‘yeah! Let’s do that again!’ If anything, you’re close to yelling ‘get me out of here!’ and not just because we want to escape each other.

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#TeachAbroadBecause You will Live Life Fully!

Sandra Kennedy has traveled extensively in China, Tibet, Europe, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, United States, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands. She taught eight years for American Internationals Schools in Paris, Lima, and Lisbon.

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#WorkAbroadBecause you will never be the same

Todd Felton is a writer and digital strategist and a thrower of frisbees for dogs. He helps nonprofits tell their stories online and is the author of three travel books. He has also written for magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Backpacker, Skiing, Draft, and others. Please visit him at

Climate Change is Ripping Apart My Adopted Family and Country, Kiribati

Climate Change is Ripping Apart My Adopted Family and Country Tarawa, Kiribati (formerly known as the Gilbert Islands)

On December 12, 2000, I wrote home from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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Close Encounters of the Fowl Kind: A Zany Slice of Italy

After a few days spent with my in-laws in Abruzzo, we’re ready to make the trek back home to Tuscany.

Over morning coffee, David says, “My parents have a gift for us: two hens, their best ones!”

The three of them anxiously watch my response.

“Now you can have fresh eggs every day!” Maria happily says.

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#StudyAbroadBecause no one ever regretted it

Brooke Roberts has captured attention with her audacious personality, get things done attitude, and no-nonsense approach to career, entrepreneurship, yoga, travel, and life. After building a successful career in international education, Brooke became one of the youngest female executives in the youth travel industry tripling the Go Abroad team, reach, and revenue in just three years.

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