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North America

Find articles, recommendations, and photo essays on north american travel, from our community of traveling educators

Frozen Frenzy


It seems the nation has been caught up in a Frozen frenzy. Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time, the songs are everywhere, and it has become difficult to speak the phrase “let it go,” without prompting a resounding chorus from all those nearby.

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Conservation and Education at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium


Each summer, countless visitors across the country enjoy taking their families to zoos and aquariums all across the United States. There’s something about watching wild animals that’s captivating. There’s a level of curiosity that entrances both children and adults as they view the animals in a habitat where they can get up close and personal and learn more about them.

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Ann Arbor: Best Places to Eat Like a Hipster


Let’s get it clear about hipsters. A hipster is cool. Where hipsters go, you’ll want to go, too. The classic definition of a hipster is:

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Breweries and Seafood Stops of Massachusett's North Shore


No Massachusetts summer vacation is complete without the taste of an ice-cold brew paired with the hot, crispy, fried seafood from one of the country’s best clam shacks. Many of these reside along the North Shore of MA, the ultimate seafood and beer destination. Here, some of the freshest seafood comes from the oldest of places.

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Foodie Finds: Tamworth's Scandinavian Baking


In a state whose motto is: "Live free, or die,” one might think of a brash countryside filled with gun shops on either side. The simplicity of New Hampshire’s slogan understates the beautiful scenery, kind-hearted people, and perhaps makes it sound a bit boring—which it is anything but.

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Foodie Finds: Frankfort’s Bayview Grille


If you’re in Frankfort, Michigan to soak up the atmosphere (beach! Swimming! Sailing! Shopping! Theatre!). There’s so much to do in this small town that you’ll find yourself hungry time and time again.

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