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North America

Find articles, recommendations, and photo essays on north american travel, from our community of traveling educators
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Exploring Pittsburgh Series


Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities in the world, and as someone who has traveled to 14 countries (and counting!), I can really say that with gusto! From living in different cities like Miami, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; Kalamazoo, Michigan; and Rome, Italy, I can say that I have a sincere appreciation for the Iron City that I never had before.

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4 Authentic Ways to Experience Honolulu


The fiftieth state of the United States is unique among the states in its natural setting, culture, and history. The Hawaiian Islands were first inhabited almost 2,000 years ago by Polynesian settlers, and present day inhabitants of Hawaii are very proud of their past.

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Exploring Pittsburgh: Carnegie Museum of Natural History


I’ve wanted to be a paleontologist since I was six years old. In addition to the Barbie dolls and Legos I played with, my parents would buy me books on dinosaurs and plastic dinosaur toys because I was so fascinated by these larger-than-life creatures that once walked the earth.

Celebrating Christmas at Disney: What to Expect


For me, Christmas has always meant gray skies and cold air, wood smoke and pine trees, home-cooked meals with hot chocolate, and, with a bit of good luck (or bad luck, if you’re the one doing the shoveling), a bit of snow. But how does Christmas in Disney compare? In some ways, the two are not that different.

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Exploring Pittsburgh: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


Since moving back to Pittsburgh nearly a year ago, I’ve been exploring different places around the city with my husband, Fernando, and I can’t say enough how much I’ve enjoyed exploring this amazing place that I call home! I see this place with such a new perspective and appreciation, and often feel like I’m seeing everything for the very first time.

Holman Ranch: An Angle of Absolute Repose

Wallace Stegner wrote a vivid novel with an equally compelling title: Angle of Repose. That title came to mind when I visited historic Holman Ranch, the 400-acre property in Carmel Valley, California. The ranch grounds themselves are in a lovely little valley of their own, sitting in an agreeable angle of repose among the oak-studded hills.


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