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South Pacific

Find photo essays, articles, recommendations, and travel journals on South Pacific travel, from our community of traveling educators.

Riding the Rails to Red Rock


When you ride the rails to Red Rock, it is almost as though you expect the clock to be at High Noon, and Gary Cooper to be waiting as you alight on the long platform at nearby Coff’s Harbour, from the aptly acronym-ed, Xpress Train (XPT). Hardly a bullet train, more a “hold-ster” really, although it was sparsely peopled when I rode it.

Sydney ... and the bush


A photoadventure around Sydney...


Sydney at sunset from Balls Head on the Parramatta River, alas Harry Seidler’s McMahon’s Point ’tower’ attempts to spoil the view!

Australia: In reach of a Beach


There are over 11,000 ‘beaches’ in Australia - that is approximately 2,000 Aussies per beach but if you weed out the ones that don’t swim, those who don’t like sand, those for whom it is too hot, or those for whom the water is too cold, and those who can’t be bothered, why there is a bloody good chance that if you turn up early in the morning, you

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7 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand


New Zealand is a green paradise set out in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, and worthy of awe. However, many visitors only have a month to explore, which is far less time than this sub-tropical island deserves. I myself have lived here for more than ten years, and I haven’t seen everything.

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New Zealand: A Green and Unique Paradise


Despite its small size, New Zealand has a variety of different terrains. One minute you could be driving by forests, full of indigenous Cabbage Trees and Nikau palms (the southernmost member of the palm family, it is unique to New Zealand). Next, you might find yourself passing snow-capped mountains, or cruising along the coast.


Swimming through the sea: Adventures at the Great Barrier Reef


Nothing, I think, hurts much more than extremely cold water. It is like a thousand little knives hitting your body. And then there’s the bone-aching cold that numbs your body and makes it hurt to move. You do not want to swim in extremely cold water, unless you have a dry suit. Fortunately we were going scuba diving in Northern Australia - in Cairns.

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