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South Pacific

Find photo essays, articles, recommendations, and travel journals on South Pacific travel, from our community of traveling educators.

Pssst...Great Sydney Harbour Views...Cheap, Too!


In colonial times, the military usually took the best spots of settlement, you know, security and all that, although Governors and their ilk generally didn’t fare too badly, either. On the tops of hills where in the days before planes, you could see the enemy coming, by ship, foot or horse, there were often forts with tunnels to gun-ports.

Do Do - Doo, Run, Run: Sydney's Dog Friendly Beach


Australians generally love three things: their food, their beaches … and their dogs.

Trish Clark's picture

Starry Starry Nights: Trish Clark discovers camel trekking is not all hard work


We were a small party of complete strangers. Margaret and I are both in our sixties; Olaf, a septuagenarian from Finland had just arrived in Australia; and Russell an experienced cameleer, author and adventurer led the trek.

Sydney on Foot: The Three Bridges Walk

Now like you, I am prone to exaggerate sometimes.


Riding the Rails to Red Rock


When you ride the rails to Red Rock, it is almost as though you expect the clock to be at High Noon, and Gary Cooper to be waiting as you alight on the long platform at nearby Coff’s Harbour, from the aptly acronym-ed, Xpress Train (XPT). Hardly a bullet train, more a “hold-ster” really, although it was sparsely peopled when I rode it.

Sydney ... and the bush


A photoadventure around Sydney...


Sydney at sunset from Balls Head on the Parramatta River, alas Harry Seidler’s McMahon’s Point ’tower’ attempts to spoil the view!

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