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South Pacific

Find photo essays, articles, recommendations, and travel journals on South Pacific travel, from our community of traveling educators.
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A Closer Look at the Spirit of New Zealand


I dream of sailing on the Spirit of New Zealand, a tall ship built in 1986, when I'm older. Unfortunately, the youngest age they will accept into the youth development program to help run the tall ship for ten days is 15, so I have a few more years to wait.

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Exploring Brisbane


Known as Australia’s River City, Brisbane is a remarkable place to visit. Home to almost 2 million people, it’s one of the coolest places to explore in Australia (despite being a subtropical locale). Filled with arts, culture, great food, and more, Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and deserves such a crown.


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Get off the Beaten Path Down Under (Literally)


Do people take road trips any more? I’m not talking about the road trip to the next state, or up north for camping. I’m talking epic.

The Sydney Opera House from a Boat


The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. It seemed to me surreal as we flew in over the ocean, looking down at Sydney, at the opera house, at all the boats. It was amazing.


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6 Ways to Get Around Australia


Australia is a big place. Often, when travelers head there, they think of going to one place. But imagine exploring Australia – in a variety of ways! There are so many different ways to get around Australia – and as you know, the journey is the best part! You will find that your travel stories will be much richer, for the diversity of your experiences.

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Walking with Spirits

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