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Book Review: Approach Guides Dining Throughout Italy: Food Guide

Italian food - it sort of makes you swoon, doesn't it? Although there are so many different regions (and cuisines) in Italy, just thinking about each area's specialties is enough to make one start planning a trip to Italy.

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Foodie Finds: Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks


Cheesesteaks have always been synonymous with the city of Philadelphia 
and in recent years Tony Luke Jr., owner of Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks 

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Author, Chef, and Winery Join Together for Showcase Event


Author Joe David and Cooking School Chef Jill Prescott Join Together at the Annual Virginia Wine Showcase

The Real Ramen


Just about anyone who went to college in the United States after about 1990 has heard of Ramen noodles. Some Americans pronounce this word as “Ray-man” noodles.

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