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Find articles, recommendations, and travel tips around food and restaurant reviews, from our community of traveling educators
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A Pious Practice, or A Helping of Liquid Bread

I was in Prague a few years ago with two of my children, both in their early twenties at the time.  We were researching accommodation for the Good Night and God Bless travel guides and one morning, found ourselves in the restaurant of a vast medieval monastery on the perimeter of the city.

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“Embark on a Tasting Adventure” In Turkey


We've shared the wonderful Eat Smart Guides with our Wandering Educators before...

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Book Review and Author Interview: Eat Smart in France

Are you an intelligent traveler - one that wants to learn deeply about a culture before, during, and after you visit? Do you love to dig in to the food, traditions, textiles, music, books? I've discovered the book series for you. Eat Smart books give a great introduction to the inner workings of a culture, based on food and traditions.


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