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   In progress. Abraham, T., Singer, M., Erickson, P. And Let me See them Damn Papers!: The role of STI testing among African American and Latino young adults.  

   Singer, M., Erickson, P., Abraham, T. et al. 2006. Sex and the City: Understanding sexually transmitted diseases in social and cultural context. Social Science and Medicine, 63: 2010-2021. 

   Abraham, T. and Serradilla-Avery, D. 2001. The Samurai and the Cross: An Ethnohistory. Pan-Japan: The International Journal of the Japanese Diaspora, 2 (1 & 2) 100-136.

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My specializations include: critical theory; immigrant health, with a further focus on maternal health; cultural compentence in health care; immigrants and marginalizations, Europe. 

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M.A., Anthropology

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University of Connecticut, Storrs


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