Van Buren State Park

by Brianna Krueger / Sep 17, 2016 /
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Pure Michigan ads, campaigned by fellow Michigander and actor Tim Allen, don't cover all the greatness that Michigan has to offer.

Budget Travel: 5 Ways to Save Money & Live Like a Local

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 05, 2016 /
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You don't have to spend a fortune to travel! There are plenty of ways to save money - and live like a local - while traveling. You'll enjoy yourself, truly get a sense of place where you are, and save money, to boot!

Budget travel tips - 5 ways to save money and live like a local

Find Budget (or FREE!) Accommodation Anywhere

by Michelle Belair / Sep 22, 2015 /
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One of the trickiest places to start when wanting to travel on a budget is to figure out where to stay.  If you’re not careful, accommodation can become the most expensive part of your trip – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Tried and tested by generations of travelers, the following resources cater to every travel personality and have proven to be excellent options for both short and long-term travel. 

An Out of This World Family Holiday

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Are you planning an extraordinary vacation – wanting something different from the norm - out of this world family holidays? Short of jetting off into space, you’ve got some research ahead of you. But let me suggest something that will be remembered forever, marked down in family lore, and be magical, to boot – stay in a castle.

Yes. A castle. How cool is that?!

A Patagonia Experience: Hotel Remota, Chile

by Shelley Seale / Dec 15, 2014 /
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Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern: Saugerties' Luxury Boutique Hotel

by Penny Sadler / Dec 13, 2014 /
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Named best boutique hotel in the Hudson Valley for two years in a row, the Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern has become the place to stay for discerning travelers and visitors to the Hudson Valley.

Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort: Everything in one resort, on one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches

by Shelley Seale / Sep 17, 2014 /
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White sun-washed sand stretches for miles, against a backdrop of brilliant aquamarine ocean. You might think this is the Caribbean, but the Gulf Coast shore of Florida has some incredibly beautiful beaches that can give Caribbean ones a run for their money.

Westin Playa Bonita: Central American Beach Getaway at the Edge of Panama City

by Shelley Seale / Apr 12, 2014 /
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Some travelers are beach people, wanting the sand-and-water experience under palm trees. Others are city travelers, preferring the excitement and diversity of entertainment that a metropolitan vacation offers.

The Best Place to Stay in Trang, Thailand

by Ashley Steel / Feb 07, 2014 /
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We discovered a great guest house in Trang, Thailand. It’s just a few years old and hasn’t really been discovered yet. It’s perfect for families!

How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Feb 03, 2014 /
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One of the best ways to travel, I think, is to live like locals.