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by Carol Parker

186 pages $9.99

NFT Travel Guides: Food and More Food in Atlanta

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One of our travel guides partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings on their website this week. Check out the following highlights from their Atlanta correspondents this week...


A New and Loving Addition

Posted By:  Jim Hunt

Thumbs Up Diner

The Characterization of the Human Spirit

by Charles S. Weinblatt / Jan 28, 2009 /
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As the author of a Holocaust novel ("Jacob's Courage: A Holocaust Love Story"), I appreciate books that offer a frank, emotional examination of morality.

Book Review: The Courtship of Julian and Frieda

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One of the most compelling stories I've ever read is the subject of this week's Book Review. The Courtship of Julian and Frieda: A True Story, is written by Krista Perry Dunn. This is a powerful memoir of a young couple in love, parted by socioeconomic class, country of origin, war, concentration camps, the Gestapo - the Holocaust. The most amazing part? It is REAL.

Experience Foreign Culture at Home

by ARoadRetraveled / Jan 27, 2009 /
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Wine Travel Guides: An Extraordinary Resource

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We're so pleased to share an extraordinary find with you this week! Our Wine Editor, Wink Lorch, is also the publisher of Wine Travel Guides. Wine Travel Guides are extraordinary, downloadable travel guides to wine regions in Europe. I've not seen anything like it, and can't wait to get the chance to use them myself when we head to Europe.

Dolphins Plus

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Gie Her a Haggis! Burns Celebration and Recipe...

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 26, 2009 /
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In celebration of Robert Burns' birthday (250 +years ago!), a Burns supper

I love all things scottish. My parents annually attend a Burns Night Celebration. With a 6-year old, though, we have different options for celebrating!

A Celebration of Scottish Music and Musicians

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If you sang Auld Lang Syne at your New year celebrations, you were paying tribute to the talent of Scottish poet Robert Burns. It’s a talent which has touched people across the world for two hundred and fifty years.