Context Travel: Roman Food Culture

by Bert Maxwell / Feb 12, 2009 /
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“Farm to Fork” introduces families to Roman food culture. Focus on organics, low-carbon, and sustainable agriculture through the ages.


Photographer of the Month - Kelsey Timmerman

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One of the best books I read last year was by our Photographer of the Month, Kelsey Timmerman. Entitled Where Am I Wearing?

Sosauce: Bringing your Journeys Back to Life

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We are always on the lookout for incredible resources for our Wandering Educators. We've found one such website, called Sosauce. How is Sosauce different than other travel sites out there?

Exclusive Discount at Bed and Breakfast: Aska Lodge

by Marti Mayne / Feb 12, 2009 /

Aska Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Blue Ridge, Georgia:

NFT Travel Guides: Laughter & Good Eats in San Francisco

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One of our travel guides partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings for travelers on their website this week. Check out the following highlights from their San Francisco correspondents this week...  



Wine, Bling, and Funghi By:  Jennifer Anthony

Firenze by Night

B&Bs With Underground RR Ties

by Marti Mayne / Feb 10, 2009 /

Foodie Finds: The Best Place to Eat in Toledo, Ohio

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Feb 10, 2009 /
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We've found the best place to eat in Toledo, Ohio! Yes - I know. How can you narrow it down to one place? Well, we just have the Best Food when we are in Toledo, at a Toledo institution called Tony Packo's.

Tony Packo's

Newcomer's Handbook Review: USA

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I am very excited to share today's Book Review of the Week - the Newcomer's Handbook® for Moving to and Living in the USA, 1st Ed. - from our newest Travel Guides Partner, Newcomer's Handbooks.  The Newcomer's Handbooks are incredibly detailed guides for newcomers and immigrants relocating to the United States.

Travel Miracles

by ARoadRetraveled / Feb 10, 2009 /
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Can Your Child Find Washington DC on a Map?

by smartpoodle / Feb 09, 2009 /

As a former travel writer and children’s book author, I have had the great pleasure of meeting many elementary age children in South Florida from so many backgrounds. From low and no income families to the most privileged children in private academies, the students at the schools and libraries I visit are eager to learn. Each school visit is wonderfully unique, yet one aspect remains the same. 

Children are significantly lacking in basic geography knowledge