Travel with Me to Michelangelo's Italy

by AKNickerson / Dec 11, 2008 /

Celtic at Christmas: Music

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 11, 2008 /
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December in Ireland and Scotland is time of short days, long nights, rain, wind, snow, sleet, and the occasional clear day with sparlikng sun or frosty night filled with an extravagance of stars.

International Food: Spices

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Here at Wandering Educators, we are always looking to find the best prices and highest quality foods for you!



by ARoadRetraveled / Dec 09, 2008 /
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A Mindful Christmas

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I've recently read a wonderful e-book that helped me to truly THINK about the upcoming holidays, as well as redirect my energies toward more meaningful activities. The book? A Mindful Christmas, by Barbara Kilikevicius.


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Volunteer English Teachers & Library Helpers Needed in Ecuador

by Ecuador Jody / Dec 05, 2008 /

My name is Jody Broyles and I am the volunteer Administrator for a non profit Arts, Language and Literacy organization located in Banos, Tungurahua, Ecuador