Artist of the Month: Annette Piper

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We've got a very special artist of the month this month, hailing from Australia. Annette Piper creates incredibly beautiful jewellery, in stunning combinations and colors.  Each one is a unique and handcrafted item - and so very gorgeous. She has an interesting site with a plethora of her work featured. She also creates bespoke designs and limited editions. On her siteyou can read about gemstones, the materials used in her designs, and more.


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Hedy" pearl and amethyst multistrand bracelet


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Spring" rose quartz and mixed gemstone, pearl and sterling silver charm bracelet


Annette has a wealth of experience, including:

Diploma of Gemmology, Gemmological Institute of Australia, Sydney Branch

Member of Orana Arts, International Jewelry Designers Guild

Contributing Author - Australian Beader magazine 2005

Exhibitor - Designer Showcase, Bead & Gem Show, Sydney 2005

Exhibitor – Lovedale Limited Edition Expo 2006

Exhibitor - Lovedale Craftfest 2007

Art Judge – Merriwa Show 2007

Contributing Author – Collective Creatives 2007-9

Gallery:  Forbes Art Gallery


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Gelato" frehwater pearl, rock crystal and peridot silver earrings


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Namib" orange freshwater pearl and 12ct goldfill earrings


Her jewellery is as varied as nature, and uses pearls, gemstones, stones, swarovski crystals, and precious metals. She looks for new, unusual, and different items from around the world to make her unique yet affordable jewellery.

We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Annette about her beautiful jewellery  - here's what she had to say...



WE:  Please tell us about your art...

AP: I make gemstone and pearl jewellery - to me it's 'jewellery' rather than
'art', however I get a huge number of comments that it's 'wearable art' -
from the perspective of the gemstone and pearl mixes I come up with and the combinations in both colour and texture.  I aim to highlight the beauty of
the natural stone and share their mesmerising qualities with the rest of
the world.


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Calla" mixed gemstone and sterling silver chain long necklace


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Enchanted Isle" ocean jasper and rutilated quartz 12ct goldfill linked necklace



WE: How/when did you start becoming an artist?

AP: I have always dabbled in arts and crafts - drawing and making things from a young age and was always encouraged to make things with my hands.  I worked in the jewellery trade in Sydney as a gemmologist 20 odd years ago and my love for gemstones was ignited, although at that time I just appreciated rather than created.

I started creating jewellery about 7 years ago but it took a year or so to
find my niche - what I was best in and where my passion was.  Once I found
the passion, everything flowed and felt right.


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

"Ilium" mixed gem (rock crystal quartz, topaz, amber, citrine) and sterling
silver necklace 


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Ista Devata" variscite and sterling necklace



WE: What do you draw inspiration from?

AP: Usually from the gemstones themselves.   There may be a pattern within a stone that sets off a creative flow, or just gazing at a stone and imagining how it would look best.  Sometimes it just doesn't work - that stone just isn't ready to be made into something yet and I have to put it away and turn to something else.

I love to look at nature photography and fashion and perhaps these sit at
the back of my mind waiting for the right piece to spring forth!   Exotic
music has its place too and can set off my inspiration - trying to make a
piece evocative of the music.

Occasionally inspiration is a happy accident - I tend to work in a chaotic
manner, so my bench is bulging with stones - something will fall up against
something else and hey presto - off I go on a tangent!


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Maia" black tourmaline, smoky quartz and rock crystal quartz necklace


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Petra" pyrite and freshwater pearl necklace



WE: Where are your favorite places to create art?

AP: I am the happiest at my bench.  My studio is quiet and has a good ambience about it.  The lighting is superb and I have everything I could possibly need within reach!   I prefer silence; however, if I'm on a roll can quite happily listen to an audio book.  If I'm creating something inspired by
music I like to have it playing in the background to keep the right creativity flowing.


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Prima" rough garnet slices, rhodolite garnet and 12ct goldfill necklace


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

"Rhoda" garnet and rock crystal quartz sterling silver necklac



WE: What do you enjoy creating most?

AP: I make jewellery, so necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.  However I
prefer making necklaces - perhaps because they can make so much of a
statement and impact the way people feel when they put one on.


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

"Ushas" matte onyx and pink pearl necklace


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Zuleika" labradorite, kyanite and sterling necklace


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Marina" freshwater pearls in vivid brights with amethyst, peridot and rock
crystal quartz multistrand necklace



WE: How can readers find and purchase your art?

AP: I sell mostly in person or through my website at


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Thalassa" fossil coral necklace


Annette Piper - handcrafted jewelry

 "Europa" - amethyst and silver ring



WE: Annette, thank you so very much! Your jewellery is both beautiful and inspiring!


For look at more of Annette's jewellery, please see:


All photos courtesy and copyright of Annette Piper.


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