Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

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In her new work, Masha Ermeeva, a Miami-based artist, explores themes in the realm of intimacy, duality, transformation, and balance through sensual figurative abstractions. Conveying human connection and the bond between figures, each painting serves as an invitation to look deep within and feel thoroughly.

Trust. From Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

The Artist's diverse education and cultural background allowed her to develop a unique artistic style. This is recognized by a sense of movement, loose brushwork, monochromatic natural tones, and textures. Masha studied traditional painting techniques in Russia and Florida (FIU). After graduating with her BFA, Masha attended art market studies at Sotheby's Art Institute in New York. Immersed in the contemporary art world, the artist witnessed the works of the world's top artists and became inspired by the energy of the city. Following this experience, she then decided to move to New York and pursue her Master's Degree at Christie's education to further her career in the arts.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

"During these unstable times, we starve for genuine authentic connection. I attempted to portray a feeling of closeness through symbols and gestures...Even though my art is an introspection, I believe it can evoke emotion and personal memories in the viewer..."

Without further ado, the art and words of Masha Ermeeva...

How long have you been an artist?

As my mother says, I picked up a pencil at the age of 2; noticing that artistic inclination, she did her best providing me with education and an environment where my creativity could blossom. As I grew, I recall the joy of being creative, visual arts and music in particular. 

So, in sum, how long have I been an artist? I would have to say my entire life, although the realization to make it my profession came in the late 20s. Now I cannot imagine myself giving up on painting at any point forward.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

Is your art your full-time career?

Being an emerging artist, it is essential to have other streams of income. In addition to being an artist, I teach yoga, do commission works, and do digital projects as a freelance illustrator.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

Do you have favorite places you like to create?

I like to create anywhere when I have inspiration. I usually travel with a sketchbook and an iPad. If I don't have anything on me, I take notes on my phone. On large-scale paintings, I work in my home studio. I enjoy being home; it is my sanctuary.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

What does a typical day look like? Is there a typical day?

Truthfully, I do not have a typical day. Even though I don't work a 9-5 job, I like to keep myself disciplined and organized. I usually plan my days depending on the number of projects I am handling that week. 

To stay motivated and inspired, I spend time daily being outdoors, in nature and exercising.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

What materials do you prefer?

I like experimenting and feeling different media. I currently work with digital design and animation software and traditional media, such as oil, acrylics, watercolors, ink, charcoal, etc. In my last series, "Transforming States" I used acrylics and gold leaf on linen canvas. For the NFT project, I created animations in Adobe After Effects.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

Where/How are you inspired?

Life itself is beautiful and inspiring...I am an observer. The ideas come from different sources, such as dance, music, conversation, a stranger walking by, or a feeling...I believe our capacity is limitless, and we remember and store everything we experience with our senses. We collect those memories and can come up with creative ideas summarising those experiences later on. My last series is honest, it is reflecting the period of my introspection and emotional processes. In terms of visual vocabulary, I was inspired by the geometry of a human form, the movement as a metaphor for transformation, and organic flowing shapes.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

How do you know when your piece is done?

When the composition has a sense of balance and harmony, there is nothing left to add or subtract. I work with lots of negative space to keep my work loose and airy, so it takes some caution and precision with every stroke. 

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

Do you work on one or more pieces at a time?

Usually on one piece at a time, but this is not a rule.

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

If you were not an artist, what would you do?

I would be a musician or psychologist

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva

How can our readers find you, and purchase your art?

You can find me online at and at

Artist Spotlight: Masha Ermeeva



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