Travelogue: Singapore

That day my friend and I met in a park. We chatted, we loitered around and we discussed what we want from our lives. Out of nowhere a thought struck our minds, all together. Nearby was a temple and very randomly we decided to make a wish we want to be granted soon. We were in class tenth only but we both were upset by our monotonous lifestyle and wished to explore the world. A month later our school organized a trip to Singapore and only 35 students were required to go. And guess what?

We both got permission from our families and also we were sanctioned permission from school authorities. We realized our wish has actually been granted and despite so many formalities and documentation involved, we flew to Singapore with our friends. Our Singapore airlines plane took off at around 7 in the evening. We were mesmerized by the thought that soon we will land up in some other land.

It was an eight-hour journey and morning when we got up - we were beckoned by huge island and ocean beneath. The scenery was breath taking. It could never have been caught by the shutter bugs because it’s beyond  words and it’s beyond the canny affairs. The Singapore airport is advanced and beautiful. It is a blend of technology and culture. The eye catching sculptures and comfortable “carpeted” escalator is worth a mention. We got our Indian rupees changed for Singapore dollars. At that time 1 Singapore dollar was equivalent to 27 rupees. After getting over the formalities, we boarded a private bus (much like recently started “hoho” buses in Delhi). It took us to our hotel “landmark”.

We were welcomed with drinks and guided to our rooms. The rooms were a “must see” themselves. It had “jacuzzi” in bathroom, a mini bar, refrigerator, microwave, and yes an easy internet connection. After enjoying these luxuries, we headed for the “Jurong Bird Park”. It is famous for its varied species of birds and a train ride amidst the nature. It is located in the interior of Singapore. The ride and visit to the bird park didn’t cost us much. We were amazed by a special bird show wherein birds were trained to interact with the audiences. They were made to pass through huge burning wheels. Also, we saw a penguin house. The temperature was adjusted in accordance with the living condition of penguins and one can appreciate them via glass panels. After this commendable experience we went to “Mustafa”, a famous 24 hour shopping outlet in Singapore. It has all the items, brands and cuisine, you just name it!! It is so huge that one cannot explore the mall even in one complete day. You can get electronic items at a cheaper price over there.

After exerting ourselves, we headed out for some food. Nearby Mustafa are small Indian restaurants wherein you can get north Indian and south Indian delicacies. They cost you more but their taste get you back on Indian land. After filling our bellies, we hired the taxi and started our journey back towards our hotel. And friends, taxi in Singapore means a “limousine ”, it was an exhilarating experience. On our way back, we saw a Giant Wheel (one of the world’s largest observation wheel) which at that time was under construction but now Singapore boasts of it. Late at night we went to Bugis street mall which is at a walking distance from hotel landmark.

It has modern layout where one can peacefully spend time amidst the fountains, fast food chain outlets and of course, world famous brands. The day ended on a peaceful note. Next day we had in store a lot of adventure and thrilling experience. In morning we went to see the “Merlion”. One cannot afford to miss it if he visits Singapore. Merlion is a half lion and a half fish like creature that stands with pride in centre of a lake. We got ourselves snapped with it and enjoyed boating in the lake. The next venue was Santosa Island. It is a small, pulchritudinous island that holds in it the world famous aquarium, dolphin show, laser light show and a 4D movie.

Our exultation had no bounds at that moment. The aquarium has all the species of sea creatures in it. You just have to stand on an automatic platform and you get to experience the new world. You feel as if you are underwater amidst the sea creatures.

In the dolphin show, if you are lucky enough, you get to volunteer and perform some tricks with the lovely creatures. You can sit around the beach in a phlegmatic manner and get to see the dolphins perform for you.

The laser light show is a must watch. They create awareness regarding various issues with the help of images and persons made out of laser light. It is spellbinding. The technology, sound effects, and visuals are world class. After spending our day in all these activities, we finally relaxed on the beach. And then we headed back to the main parking area via wired cables.

The third day our final spot was a hot air balloon ride. We were enthralled, nervous, excited - all at the same time. After shopping for whole day at night we went out for this adventure sport. We rose to heights as high as 150 meters. We could admire the entire city of Singapore from the top. It gave us the feeling of flying free in the air. Definitely, we left our anxieties and tensions high above.

 Singapore is a wonderful small island which boasts of friendly people and breath taking sites. It is famous for shopping centers and of course “The Santosa Island” as I mentioned earlier. One can visit Singapore year round and it costs rupees 35000 per head for a 3 day trip, inclusive of all the facilities and flight cost. One should not be bothered about food and water because it has many Indian restaurants and they offer cuisines priced at an affordable rate. The weather is pleasant all round the year.

As a city, Singapore will always amuse you and will make you feel at home. The language is no barrier because you would find many “Tamilians” in Singapore who can speak both English and Hindi. So, just pack your bags and fill your pockets because it is shopping time and Singapore is waiting for you.



Abha Goel, the Viewspaper

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