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by smartpoodle / Mar 30, 2011 /

No matter how much Americans may say they prefer tofu and salads, the truth is that we, as a nation, are burger lovers. There’s no better place in Miami-Dade County, Florida to savor a burger than at Heavy Burger in the city of Aventura. The name is not indicative of the heaviness of the food, rather it reflects the Heavy Metal theme of the restaurant. (But don’t worry, they don’t blast heavy metal music.) This place is tucked behind a large shopping plaza, so it is not likely that you’d drive by it and just notice it. Yet despite its somewhat hidden location, people know and love Heavy Burger and flock here for great food and service.


Heavy Burger


The place is divided into two separate sections – a restaurant and a bar. The casual restaurant is actually an air-conditioned, closed in patio with a red and back awning sealing it in. The tables are covered with brown paper and condiments are displayed in paper beer cases. There are also a few tables outside. The waitresses are friendly and laid back, and they want to make sure you got exactly what you ordered. Owner Mark Panunzio works hard to keep his patrons happy. He checked on our table three times and was a pleasure to talk to.


Owner Mark Panunzio

Owner Mark Panunzio


Obviously, the food to order here is a burger. And you can get it any way you want it. You pick the kind of burger meat you want (beef, Kobe, Buffalo, Veggie or even chicken), have it cooked the way you want, and then you choose your bun and toppings. The fries were hot and delicious and the beer battered onion rings came with two different dipping sauces – one spicy, one mild. The star burger on the menu sits between two grilled cheese sandwiches, Sinful! There are a few salads on the menu as well for the more health inclined. Our bill for soft drinks, 6 burgers, three large baskets of fries and one order of onion rings came in around $70.


Heavy Burger


Forget that saying, “A burger is a burger.” Because at Heavy Burger, they take the ultimate burger experience - in both taste and dining experience – to a whole new level. 

19004 NE 29 Avenue
Aventura, FL 33180




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