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Calling all Wandering Educators! is excited to announce our 2nd annual "My Favorite Summer Vacation" Contest! Please come and share your favorite summer vacation - and win subscriptions to 8 travel magazines.




Here's how it works:
From now until December 31, 2009, members of may participate in the contest by publishing an article (300-1,000 words) on the theme, "My favorite summer vacation." At the end of the entry period, all articles will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Winners will be chosen according to the best interpretation of the contest theme.

Program details:

Submission Period - April 15, 2009- December 31, 2009 members can post their articles on, using the My Favorite Summer Vacation tag (located within the Compose an article box).

The judging panel will review each entry and select the Grand Prize Winner, as well as the Second and Third Place winners. Winners will be chosen on those entries best reflecting the theme of the contest.


One (1) Grand Prize Winner to receive a year's
subscriptions to the following magazines:

National Geographic Adventure
Conde Nast Traveler
Caribbean Travel and Life
Islands Magazine
National Geographic Traveler
Sherman's Travel
Outside Magazine


Second place will consist of 3 subscriptions from the Grand Prize winner's list, winner's choice.

Third place will consist of 1 subscription to a magazine from the Grand Prize list, winner's choice.

Quantity, Prize, Approximate Retail Value (ARV):
(1) Grand Prize: $340.00
(2) Second and Third Prizes: $30.00 - $70.00


To receive the magazines, you must have a valid US Postal address.


Winners will be announced January 30, 2010.

For More Information, Read Our:
Official Rules and Regulations

Comments (4)

  • jasonla

    11 years 10 months ago

    Having been to greece so many time id have to say my favorite times have been there from laying on the ferry going to the island im from with the Mediterranean only lit by the moon seeing only silhouettes of islands with lights all along the mountain ridges, the boats are old but do the job get people from point A to point B. So last year when the winter came around and i took royal caribbean it was almost like culture shock that boats can be that nice. The funny thing is however many people were on that cruise to the bahamas is as many as they tried to fit on the ferry in greece. Other times i've spent my 11 hour trip on the stair leading to the car deck playing backgammon with my cousin we weren't the only ones a few steps up were more people crammed in like sardines. My suggestion to anyone traveling in greece is get to the ferry early very early and lay out your sleeping bag on a bench and claim your territory.

  • Steve Coleman

    11 years 3 months ago

    The constest sounds interesting, I would like to participate. On my
    summer vacation I have plans to visit the Carribean for an adult
    vacation for two weeks at charlisangels, an affordable exotic resort
    that haappens to be on a great location for pictures. I would try to
    remember to take many pictures of my trip for having a good
    participacion while I am also taking my time to relax.

  • Lindsay Kaufhold

    9 years 6 months ago

    I would love to participate, but what about those of us that are teaching (and therefore, living) abroad? Can the magazines not be mailed to anywhere other than the US?

  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    9 years 5 months ago

    Thanks, Lindsay - the contest deadline has now passed.


    Jessie Voigts, PhD


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