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Travel Writers Share their Favorite Travel Books

by EdventureGirl / Aug 30, 2012 /
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Imagine: You’re sitting on the beach of a tropical island in the middle of paradise. Your beach chair is painted white, no splinters, and your feet are in the sparkling blue sea. Gulls cry overhead, and hermit crabs make tracks across the white expanse of sand. Behind you, palm trees wave their branches in the slight breeze and tropical birds serenade your perfect evening. You decide it’s the perfect moment to read your new adventure travel novel. Reaching into your bag, you pull out... what?

A Summer in Southeast Asia

by EdventureGirl / Aug 28, 2012 /
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For many, summer vacation consists of a trip out of town, or a few consecutive days spent achieving a luxurious tan (or sunburn, as the case may be) on the beach. Maybe you’ll enroll in sports, or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a drive across the country. For me, summer has always been a continuation of our life on the road.

Foodie Heaven: Germany vs Thailand

by EdventureGirl / Jul 18, 2012 /
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One of my favorite ways to enjoy travel is to sample food around the world. Every country has its own menu, with traditional desserts, snacks, and entrees. Trying them all is an adventure!

In Thailand, you’re never sure what you’ll end up with. Here, food can be bought in markets and at restaurants. My family prefers to explore the markets, searching for the best deals and bargaining with the vendors. It’s dirty, loud, unorganized, and a treat for the average adventurer!

International Experience: What's It Good For?

by EdventureGirl / Jul 13, 2012 /
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Nai Yang, Phutek, Thailand

by EdventureGirl / Jun 24, 2012 /
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Nai Yang is a relatively large town on the luscious island of Phuket. Characterized by sparkling beaches, bustling markets and breathtaking forests, its' beauty has been preserved by the minimal number of tourists who visit each year. Those who do come, do so mainly to experience the beaches.

In the high season (the season in which the most tourists come), the water is calm and clear, providing excellent diving and snorkeling conditions on some of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

My Photography Passion: Music

by EdventureGirl / May 24, 2012 /
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Boston: 3 Hidden Gems

by EdventureGirl / Apr 20, 2012 /
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Biking through Austria: Endless Rain and a Breakfast Thief

by EdventureGirl / Apr 11, 2012 /
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Postcard from Douz’s Annual Camel Festival

by EdventureGirl / Apr 05, 2012 /
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