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The colors of a Norwegian summer, from beautiful Sørfjord, Sortland

by Benny Hoynes / Jun 30, 2014 /
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Summer finaly got to northern Norway. And it will continue!

Took some shots today, 29.6.14 From beautiful Sørfjord, Sortland, where our cabin is...


Scenes from Forfjord River, Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Jun 27, 2014 /
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This afternoon I headed out, just to see if I could shoot anything.
From Forfjord river, border between Sortland and Andøya island.


Summer Sunsets in Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Jun 14, 2014 /
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The sunset is not far from here in the north, nor the midnight sun, so we have more and more nights like this, coming.

These pictures were taken near Reinsnes in Sortland, Vesterålen, Northern Norway, 13 June 2014. It was a lovely evening, and the water was like a mirror, and reflected the clouds...


Summer Sunsets in Norway. Photographer Benny Høynes


Summer in Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Jun 11, 2014 /
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Summer day, June 5. 2014. A beautiful daytrip to Andøya island, in summer, and the temperature around 17 degree C. It's hot here then!


Scenes from Sortland, Norway

by Benny Hoynes / May 14, 2014 /
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Spring in Sortland, Norway is beautiful - the auroras are over (until August) and the sun shines. Take a look...


Some great clouds, some with snow, some not. Sortland, Norway May 3. 2014:

Spring Rain Clouds in Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Apr 23, 2014 /
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Afternoon, April 21, 2014
Some great big clouds were coming in over my home in Sortland in Vesterålen, Northern Norway. About half an hour later, a great rain came in.... Well, this is why we love to live up here: one hour sunshine, the next rain/snow... But the clouds of this kind are great to watch. Take a look...

Spring Rain Clouds in Northern Norway. Photographer Benny Høynes


Easter in Nordland, Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Apr 21, 2014 /
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Celebrating Easter outside at Gullholm, in Troms, Norway. These images were taken at daytime april 20. It was the only day at Eastertime with no rain and wind... Our landscape in northern part of Norway is great on these sunny days.


Winter's Last Aurora

by Benny Hoynes / Apr 10, 2014 /
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April 7. 2014
Maybe the last dance of Miss Aurora this season... Beautiful and clear sky, and colours of sunset and auroras, at Roksøyfjord, Sortland in Vesterålen, Norway. The last pictures of aurora last year was exactly at the same date of this year.

The Most Beautiful View in Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Apr 02, 2014 /
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We had a nice day, two days ago. These pictures were taken 80 meters behind my house, where I live in Hognfjorden, Sortland, Northern Norway. There was a calm sea in the fjord, and great sunshine over the mountains. This led to excellent reflections on the water.

Winter Storm Kyrre and Its Aftermath in Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Mar 21, 2014 /
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Extreme Weather Kyrre ravaged northern Norway for several days, but by Sunday 16th March, it was all over. Benny Høynes, who lives in Sortland in Vesterålen, is an avid photographer. When Kyrre ravaged its worst, he dressed himself for the storm, and took the camera out.

After the storm, the nicer weather came and the sun was shining for several days. Take a look...