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Nature and Creativity in Godfjorden, Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Feb 28, 2014 /
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Godfjorden (or Godfjord) is a fjord on the west side of the fourth largest island in Norway, Hinnøya. Recent changes in government, communication, and transportation have increased traffic to the island via ferry.


Winter in Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Feb 25, 2014 /
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I love winter in Norway, because the weather changes almost every day. In the morning it can snow, but at evening, it can rain. You see animals of different kinds, moose, eagles; there are a lot of things to shoot pics of. And I especially love the winter storms, aurora, and the sunsets.

Take a look...


Auroras at Andøya Island, Northern Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Feb 19, 2014 /
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These photos were taken where I grew up, a little place called Nordmela, at Andøya Island in northern Norway. I had to drive one hour, to get clear of the clouds, and headed to the west side of Andøya. There were some auroras, as you can see:-)


Norway's Dancing Auroras and Coronas

by Benny Hoynes / Feb 17, 2014 /
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I've previously shared some incredible Northern lights in Norway, as well as How to Photograph Northen Lights.

Northern Lights in Norway

by Benny Hoynes / Jan 18, 2014 /
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