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A visit to Mont Blanc

by Lars Wagoner / Jun 06, 2014 /
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Most of us have likely heard of Mont Blanc, not the famous writing pens, but the tallest mountain in the Alps…and we’ve probably seen it, too. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to see it in person, but you can on Google Images!


If you do plan to visit Mont Blanc, keep in mind one thing: driving up that (or a neighboring) mountain. It wasn’t easy reaching the park at the peak of the mountain; consider this a warning to all of the people who get car-sick or don’t like 15 minute rides of endless elevation.


Postcard from Schynige Platte, Switzerland

by Lars Wagoner / May 10, 2014 /
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As I went up the mountain in an old-fashioned cogwheel train, the peaks of Schynige Platte surrounded me. If you didn’t know, Schynige Platte is a Swiss mountain region just south of Interlaken, composed of many breathtaking views.