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Florida's Roads Less Traveled

by Lexa Pennington / Dec 03, 2008 /
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The road less traveled in the Sunshine State begins with VISIT FLORIDA’s newest publication, Been There, Haven’t Done That.

Classic Florida Attractions Worth a Look

by Lexa Pennington / Nov 20, 2008 /
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Sunshine State Classics Can’t Be Touched
 Age-Old Florida Attractions Still Fun for All Generations

Harvard East Asia Society Conference

by Lexa Pennington / Nov 11, 2008 /
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12th Annual Harvard East Asia Society Graduate Student Conference: Bridges
and Borders in East Asia
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
February 27 - March 1, 2009

American Indian Language Development Institute

by Lexa Pennington / Nov 05, 2008 /
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American Indian Language Development Institute 2009
University of Arizona
June 8 - July 2, 2009

Halloween Events in Scotland

by Lexa Pennington / Oct 10, 2008 /
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Always on the lookout for global events (and always checking out my favorite place to visit, Scotland), I found a plethora of halloween-themed events in Scotland this month.

IREX Grants for Eurasia/E Europe Symposium

by Lexa Pennington / Sep 17, 2008 /
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Grant for US Graduate Students, Pre-Tenure Faculty and Professionals

2009 IREX/WWC Regional Policy Symposium:

Scholars Offer Walking Tours for Children...

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 21, 2008 /
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We've written about Context Travel here on Wandering Educators before (many times, actually). We just love them. Here's their latest offering:

Context Florence launches a robust kid-friendly program, allowing families to explore the past and present in Florence and Tuscany.

Scotland's Open Doors Days in September

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 09, 2008 /
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Heading to Scotland? Here's a great deal for you!

The Benefits of Staying in a B&B

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 04, 2008 /
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The benefits of staying in a B&B

Update on the 2008 Big Island Film Festival

by Lexa Pennington / Aug 03, 2008 /
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