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Arttrav explains how to make pecorino cheese

by Alexandra Korey / Jun 04, 2018 / 0 comments




Influenced by study in Italy, biography of Michelangelo’s David now on Kickstarter

by Alexandra Korey / Mar 22, 2014 / 0 comments

Prof. Victor Coonin has been “into” Italian Renaissance art history for his whole adult life, but the experience of doing his Masters degree at Syracuse University in Florence was unquestionably a formative one. Up close contact with original works of art allows you to live with art and understand it better.

Discover Tuscany Underground - when you think you've seen it all!

by Alexandra Korey / Nov 10, 2009 / 0 comments

Foodie Finds: a new artisan gelato shop in Florence

by Alexandra Korey / Sep 10, 2009 / 2 comments

I recently wrote this mini review of a new gelateria in Florence and thought I'd reprint it here, inspired by all the "Foodie Finds" articles.

Things to do around Florence and Tuscany in the Fall

by Alexandra Korey / Aug 25, 2009 / 1 comments

Things to do around Florence and Tuscany in the Fall

Some things to do in Tuscany with your KIDS

by Alexandra Korey / Aug 04, 2009 / 1 comments

This article is from the official tourism website of Tuscany,, who is generously sharing this tip with Wandering Eds. In combination with a trip that will surely involve many museums and churches, be sure to take the time to do something that is pure KID.

Toot around Tuscany on a Vespa

by Alexandra Korey / Jul 21, 2009 / 1 comments

Mediating Cultural Exchange

by Alexandra Korey / Jul 10, 2009 / 1 comments