1st Anniversary Celebration Giveaway: 4-5pm

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Apr 19, 2009 /
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We're celebrating our First Anniversary at Wandering Educators on Monday, April 20th, and invite everyone to come celebrate!


How to win great prizes in the Wandering Educators 1st Anniversary Giveaway Party:





  1. Register at www.WanderingEducators.com - it's free and easy and keeps our site spam-free.
  2. On April 20, leave a comment on ANY article on our site - you'll be automatically entered.
  3. Check in every hour on April 20 for prize updates.
  4. Use Twitter to retweet details about our giveaway and you'll be entered for special prizes.

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More info on the Giveaway Prize and Donor List





Here is a list of items for this last hourly giveaway, 4-5pm.




If you'd like to win a particular prize, please click on the link to leave a comment on that article,
or let us know somewhere in the comments section. If you reside outside
of the US, please let us know - you can win any of the digital prizes!


** One Pair of Bridgedale Technical Socks  

WINNER:  Sam pounder


** One copy of DK Eyewitness Travel's Where to Go When: The Americas (includes North, Central, & South America, and the Caribbean)

WINNER:   pen4hire


** One copy of children's book Where is Simon, Sandy?, by Donna Seim

WINNER:   Julie Royce


** One copy of Fodor's Central America, 3rd Edition 

WINNER:   kholdwick


** One of three digital downloads of Travelfish's SE Asia Guides

WINNER:   pen4hire


** One copy of Pauline Frommer's Cancun and the Yucatan: spend less see more



** One copy of Frommer's NYC Free & Dirt Cheap - 382 free events, attractions, classes and more

WINNER:   Jan Hersh


** One digital copy of Travelling Europe, by Indie Travel Guides

WINNER:    kerry


** One Irish Shamrock Tea Towel, courtesy of Irish Fireside

WINNER:   greenfield


** One copy of the travel board game, 10 Days in Asia

WINNER:   julie royce


** One copy of Little Cream Drives, by Winnie So

WINNER:   dominique


** One copy of Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2009

WINNER:   nisha


** One copy of Lonely Planet's Travel with Children



** One copy of Lonely Planet's The Big Trip

WINNER:   nisha


** One digital copy of A Mindful Christmas, by Barbara Kilikevicius 

WINNER:   sam s


** One digital audio tour of your choice, from Noambit.com

WINNER:    sam S


** Two digital downloads of Not For Tourists' San Francisco: Parks & Places and Arts & Entertainment

WINNER:    nisha  & sam s


** One copy of Pocket Atlas of the World 6th Edition, by Oxford University Press

WINNER:   skye


** One copy of A Journey into the Transcendentalists’ New England, by Robert Todd Felton

WINNER:   kerry


** One logo from Designer Ocean

WINNER:   Bert Maxwell




Check back at 5pm for our last list of winners. THANK YOU ALL, for supporting international education and travel!





Comments (16)

  • Bert Maxwell

    8 years 1 month ago

    Ed and Jessie - this has been a fun event.  Old friends and welcome new faces.  I've enjoyed reading the article, and the comments.  Looking forward to another great year.

    Bert Maxwell

    Technology Editor, wanderingeducators.com

  • nonameharbor

    8 years 1 month ago



     And a great time was had by all!  Thank you.


     "Take the adventure, heed the call, now ere the irrevocable moment passes!"

           ...The Wind In The Willows, Kenneth Grahame

  • skyeblue

    8 years 1 month ago

    Would REALLY love the Pocket Atlas 6th ed. because I'm always wondering where I am.


    Best to you and Ed and Lillie!!

    Skye Wentworth, Book Publicist

    Newburyport, MA



  • kholdwick

    8 years 1 month ago

    Thank you for adding some fun to a Monday!

  • lms

    8 years 1 month ago

    The day is almost done, but another year awaits with anticipation of what could be just around the corner, the wandering spirit.

    Again, congrats on a wonderful first year and best wishes for an even better second.


  • pen4hire

    8 years 1 month ago

    My last chance?

    I'd like the Where to Go When book, although Travel Fish SE Asia looks good, too.

    Vera Marie Badertscher


  • Nisha

    8 years 1 month ago

    What a fun event it was. Jessie, May these birthdays come every month !! :P

    Could see some great blogs on the way. And looking forward to see many more.

    This time I would like to win Lonely Planet's The Big Trip. If that is not possible then I'll be contented with digital downloads of Not for tourists.

    Thanks once again for all this fun.

  • greenfield

    8 years 1 month ago

    The Irish Shamrock Teatowel brings to mind my Irish ancestory and most recently the Irish American Roadtrip Podcast. While the weather was bleak, and we were hunkered down in our houses, the Irish Fireside was on a big adventure and invited us all follow along with them on twitter. It was the next best thing to tagging along, Thank You Corey & Liam, you guys rock :)

  • Jonathan Grant

    8 years 1 month ago

    I am a first time visitor to your incredible website, and plan on being a regular visitor.  It is one of the most divers travel sites I've seen.

  • smartpoodle

    8 years 1 month ago

    Who wouldn't want a pocket atlas?

    Debbie Glade - Author, Illustrator, Speaker, Publisher
    Smart Poodle Publishing
    The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly; Costa Rica

  • Dominique-Midwe...

    8 years 1 month ago

    I could use a pair of hiking socks f'sure, so put me in for the Bridgedale socks, please!


  • greekfood

    8 years 1 month ago

    Heard there was a giveaway and as I don't often win many things, thought I'd see if my luck's changed! ;)


    As I live in Canada, a digital prize is OK by me. 

    All my very best!

     Sam Sotiropoulos 

  • guidebookauthor

    8 years 1 month ago




     Okay, I'd like one of those guidebooks. Just signed on so don't know if I qualify!

    Barbara Hudgins, author

    Crafting the Travel Guidebook


  • dreamvision

    8 years 1 month ago

    Oooo! Where to Go When: The Americas (includes North, Central, & South America, and the Caribbean) Looks awesome!

  • Jan Hersh

    8 years 1 month ago

    Looks like I'm late for the contest but want to congratulate you on the anniversary of this site!

    Jan Hersh

  • Ed Forteau

    8 years 1 month ago

    Our 1st Anniversary was a great success.  Thanks to all our sponsors.  Thanks to all who left comments.  Thanks to all who visit and enjoy our site.  Year 2 starts now.

    Ed Forteau

    Publisher, WanderingEducators.com

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