Oh, they'll let any monkey with a cell phone have a Twitter!!!

by Bobo Chimp / Jul 17, 2009 /
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The Art of the Porcini Hunt

by Ashley in Italy / Jun 26, 2009 /

Introducing Mr Bobo

by Bobo Chimp / May 06, 2009 /
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Well i thought i would use this forum to explain the micro-phenom known as Mr Bobo - this is mainly of interest to those in our community of Greenville Michigan.

Oops! Did I Say THAT?!

by Ashley in Italy / Mar 13, 2009 /

Grand Slam Breakfast

by Ashley in Italy / Mar 05, 2009 /

50 Things I've Learned Living in Italy

by Ashley in Italy / Mar 03, 2009 /

Is Getting There Half the Fun?

by ARoadRetraveled / Nov 21, 2008 /
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Easy Japanese Recipe: Chicken Katsu

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Oct 31, 2008 /
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One of our family's very favorite Japanese recipes is an adaptation of Tonkatsu (pork cutlets), which we make with Chicken. I first had these while I was living in Japan, and after that, had them several times a week!

Easy Japanese Recipe - Chicken Katsu

It is a very easy recipe, and is so very tasty!

Looking For Local Color

by nonameharbor / Oct 06, 2008 /

Those Mile Marker People


Florida Keys people aren't interesting