Full Scholarships for Summer Language Study

by Lexa Pennington / Dec 02, 2008 /
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Full Scholarships for Summer Study: Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese,
Portuguese, and Russian

Every summer since 1915, a community of dedicated scholars and students has taken shape at Middlebury, setting the scene for the accelerated language learning that is the hallmark of the Language Schools.

Middlebury continues to set the world standard for excellence in foreign language education with the Language Pledge—a promise you make to speak only the language of study for the duration of your program. This complete immersion is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

At summer's end, you will take with you not only a new language, but the ability to move your life in any number of new directions—a year of study abroad, a graduate degree at Middlebury, an overseas job opportunity, or the ability to reach out across borders and change our world.

• Beginning in the summer of 2009, students at the undergraduate level in French, Italian, and Spanish may apply to study at Middlebury or at our new site at Mills College, in Oakland, California. All students in the Arabic School will study at Mills.

Middlebury College will be offering 100 full scholarships (tuition,
room and board, and stipend) for Summer 2009 to the Middlebury Summer
Language Schools, for language study ranging from beginner to graduate
levels of Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian
in the  Middlebury Summer Language Schools.  One intensive summer
institute is the equivalent of one year of language study at the
university level.


The deadline for applications for Davis Fellowships
is February 2, 2009; for information visit: www.middlebury.edu/academics/ls/applications