Pisa: Not Just the Tower

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If you go to Tuscany, you think of hill towns, medieval villages, Florence, Siena, and maybe Lucca. They are all great places to visit. But what is not far away from this part of Italy is the town of Pisa. And you all know what is in Pisa, right? THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA, of course.

Pisa: Not Just the Tower

Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch

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This spring, Acorn TV proudly premiered the three-part docuseries Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia. In this gorgeously shot new documentary, Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) is on a quest to discover the islands of Australia. There are over 8,000 to choose from, and Martin visits 16 that offer a cross-section of island life. Along the way, he learns about the diversity, history, and challenges of island life Down Under.

Top 25 Airplane Etiquette Rules: Don’t Ever Fly Again Without Them!

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Top 25 Airplane Etiquette Rules: Don’t Ever Fly Again Without Them!

I’m begging you...please read this. Read all 25 of these etiquette rules before ever stepping foot on an airplane again.

I spend many hours in the air on long international flights.

Elephants: A Charming and Important Picture Book for Young Kids

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One of the most important things we can do for young kids is to read to them - and teach about the world, through those books. One such book that I just love is called Elephants, a simple, loving, and beautiful picture book that teaches about this incredible animal, as well as elephant conservation.

Colorful Wildflowers in the Arizona Desert

While travelling through the Arizona desert, I came across something that I never imagined I’d love quite this much: desert flowers. As you walk through the desert you see cacti,
Cactus - from Colorful Wildflowers in the Arizona Desert

dry bushes, and beautiful, yet surprising, spots of color.

To B or not to B&B?

To B or not to B&B?
by Marti Mayne with travel expert Eileen Ogintz



Ten Reasons to Travel in the Shoulder Season

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 01, 2017 /
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What's the shoulder season, you may ask? It's that sweet spot between high season and low. It's also a great price break from high season prices, and low season bargains. Travel+Leisure magazine has a great slideshow on Shoulder Season Travel Secrets, with details on places to go, when.

Road Trip 101: Ten Tips to Save Money on Accommodations

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Road Trip 101: Ten Tips to Save Money on Accommodations

5 Tel Aviv Landmarks and the History Behind Them

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Israel has much to offer curious visitors - from sacred and holy churches to buoyant city landscapes, there is a plethora of things that will intrigue and satisfy. 

Tel Aviv is one of the many cities in Israel that will amaze you. It’s more than just the country’s financial center and technology hub. It has so much more to offer. The annual MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index once ranked the city as fifth among all the visited cities of the Middle East and Africa in 2012. 

The Art of Road Tripping: The Way Back Home

by Dr. Debra Payne / May 30, 2017 /

The journey back home from a road trip is different than the journey to somewhere else. On the way back, I know that I am returning to reality. This fatigued schlep changes to enthusiasm, however, when I see that I am close to home. Suddenly I am filled with gratitude for things I once took for granted. At that point, everything becomes beautiful and new.
I had driven 1,227.2 miles from Utah to Minnesota and for a moment I thought I had finished, but then I realized that soon I would need to find my way back home. My challenge then became to notice new things on a familiar path.