Making Donuts with Your Family

by MyKidsEatSquid / Dec 26, 2016 /
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Golden crisp on the outside with a chewy texture inside, just-fried donuts bear little resemblance to the bland varieties you’re likely to find at the grocers: Simply put, the homemade version is better.
Much better.
Donuts seem to have an unwarranted mystique of being difficult to make at home – perhaps because the dough can be a bit finicky. Or it may be because the final step involves a lengthy dip in a vat of bubbling oil.

Travel is Exhausting. Self Care, Self Love

by Stephane Alexandre / Dec 24, 2016 /
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There's a saying that we use in our study abroad program whenever someone wants a break, and I'm sure you've heard of it: self care, self love. As in: self care IS self love. I'm 21 years old and I'm exhausted. But I also think I'm invincible, which can prove to be dangerous, given my insatiable desire to explore the world around me.

Bring Paris & Francophone culture to your classroom

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It's no secret that Paris, the City of Light, has long been a tourist favorite. Why?  For starters, Paris undoubtedly hosts some of the most well-known museums, monuments and historical sites that have inspired authors and artists for centuries.

Bring Paris & Francophone culture to your classroom

Celebrating Christmas in the ESL Classroom

by Carrie Kellenberger / Dec 22, 2016 /
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As a special treat to you this month, I thought I’d include some tips and advice on what to teach in your ESL classroom over the holiday season. 


Celebrating Christmas in the ESL Classroom

Top 10 Attractions to Visit in Switzerland

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Visiting Switzerland brings you up close to a place where the air is fresh, the people are subdued, and the outdoor and cultural sights are plentiful. This landlocked country is known for the beauty of its Swiss Alps, the stunning azure waters of its pristine lakes, and its modern city centers of culture. Expect to hear a variety of languages in this melting pot of people with German, French, and Italian heritage. Here are 10 top attractions to visit during your tour of Switzerland.

3 ways to afford gadgets

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Why should you spend extra money on all of the technology that you love to use? Sure, everyone loves the latest phones, video games, computers, and other gadgets. But why don't you just save up your money, so that you can enjoy the 'old' technology that's hardly a few years older than the newest gadgets? That way, you can have functional things that you can still enjoy using, and only spend your money on the newest technology that you really want. Here are some tips, for how you can save up and budget your money, while still buying lots of fun and cool extra gadgets for yourself:

Florida Culture for Your HOLIDAY Calendar! Week of December 19, 2016 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for Your HOLIDAY Calendar! Week of December 19, 2016 By Josh Garrick 

Music for a Winter's Night

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 20, 2016 /
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Winter: one of the hallmarks of the season is that night comes early and sunrise comes late. The stars in winter skies seem to shine more brightly than they do in other seasons. This time of longer nights also invites us in, to communion, connection, fellowship, and quiet reflection -- and to music to accompany all these things.

 Music for a Winter's Night

The Gap of Dunloe, Co Kerry, Ireland

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The Gap of Dunloe, Co Kerry, Ireland: in which we have an adventure, involving an early awakening, horses, mountains, rain, a boat ride, extreme rain, and great travel companions.

Travel Budgeting: Don’t Cry, Make A Plan

by Stephane Alexandre / Dec 17, 2016 /
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As kids, we never had to budget. And life was good. I started learning about budgeting when I became a fresh(wo)man in college. Initially, I was petrified of that word. I learned about bank accounts, food expenses, saving money (what little I had), and even balancing checkbooks. I started working two months after my 15th birthday so I could pay my phone bill. I really wanted a cell phone, but also understood that my dad was a single parent and I needed to help wherever I could.