Artist of the Month: Spencer Reynolds

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jul 08, 2017 /
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It was an article about the best surf artists on instagram that led me to our artist of the month, Spencer Reynolds, and his partner, Stacey, who helped facilitate our interview (thanks, Stacey!). 

A Geek in China

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For every fan of kung fu, steamed dumplings, Confucius, and giant skyscrapers, A Geek in China is a hip, smart and concise guide to the Middle Kingdom. 

Travel Lessons and the Job Search

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How can travelers use their experiences travelling as an asset in their job search?

Au Bellefleur: A Luxury B&B in Sigogne, France

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I love looking for unique places to stay while we travel. To me, meeting people and getting to know the rhythm of a place is key to travel. Bed and Breakfasts are *the* way to do this - you've got your own glimpse into another culture, while staying!  I've found an incredible B&B in Southwest France to share with you today - called Au Bellefleur.

Foodie Finds: Best Place to Eat Near Sleeping Bear Dunes

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jul 06, 2017 /
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Sleeping Bear Dunes - voted the most beautiful place in the US! And it is definitely worth the title - we've written extensively about this gorgeous place, since it is almost in our own backyard.


Sabbatical Homes Listings: New Zealand

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Title: Seaside Cottage, fully furnished and equipped with ocean views
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Date Posted: Jul. 5, 2017
Direct Link:
Lovely 3 bedroom cozy cottage with outside guestroom/sleepout/study. It is fully insulated; has a hot tub;  a wood stove; and great views of Blueskin Bay and the Pacific Ocean. 
It is 20 minutes from the University, but within walking distance to a fantast...

Hebridean Celtic Festival

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"We are in a unique location, and you have to have a pioneering spirit to make it all the way up to the festival if you don't have ties here," says Caroline MacLennan, festival director of the Hebridean Celtic Festival -- Fèis Cheilteach Innse Gall in Scotttish Gaelic. The place she's speaking of is the Isle of Lewis, the northernmost island of the Western Isles, some forty miles off the north west coast of Scotland.

9 Unusual Things to do in Ft. Lauderdale

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jul 06, 2017 /
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Say Ft. Lauderdale, and what you do think? Beaches, crazy parties, overdone fun? Maybe...but the town has worked hard to discourage the Spring Break mentality, and offers a wide range of things for visitors to explore. It's a great place to visit, full of interesting things to discover - and, of course, nature all around you.

Where the Wild Things Are: Family Travel London

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London may be an ever-expanding tangle of concrete and gleaming glass but it also harbours wildlife that goes beyond pigeons, park ducks, and increasingly brazen gangs of foxes. From roaming deer and leaping lemurs to wallabies and alpacas, there are surprising creatures in every corner of the capital. Yes, a diverse array of city farms – originated by the band of early 1970s pioneers who turned a disused Kentish Town timberyard into London’s first rural hideaway – are dotted all over the capital.

How to Summer: 40 Tips for a Curious, Engaged Summer

by Stacey Ebert / Jul 05, 2017 /
At the age of seven, I started going to summer camp. From the moment school ended, I counted the hours until camp began. When my years of being a camper ended, I became a counselor, then a lifeguard, and then an aquatics director. Camp has been a part of my summer story since as long as I can remember. My family didn’t travel much in the summer. My sister and I both had varied camping experiences, while my brother chose to stay home for the summer. There are far more children who don’t go to camp than do.