Book Review of the Week: Life is a Verb

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HOW often do we read a book that truly, incredibly, deeply, changes your life?  Hardly ever for me, to be honest. I recently found such a book - it is Patti Digh's new book, life is a verb: 37 days to wake up, be mindful, and live intentionally.


Michigan's Small Town Treasures: A Short Side Trip to Cross Village

by Julie Royce / Sep 15, 2008 /
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Twenty miles from Harbor Springs, if you follow the magnificent Tunnel
of Trees route along M-119, is Cross Village. The route takes you along

September Photographer of the Month: Kerry Dexter

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Our September Photographer of the Month is Kerry Dexter. I've known her for a long time through, as one of the Music Correspondents.

The Little Travelers

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A dream job for travellers

by Craig Martin / Sep 12, 2008 /
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As the end of University approached I felt somewhat unqualified for the labour market. With a degree in English and Film, TV and Media Studies it was further research or McDonalds and neither really appealed. Luckily I was already married and quite easily persuaded.

Cotton Tree Lodge – Culture, Environment, and Education

by Marti Mayne / Sep 12, 2008 /

Cotton Tree Lodge – A Commitment to Culture, Environment, and Education


Summer's End: Time For Nearby Weekend Pastimes

by nonameharbor / Sep 11, 2008 /



Stonecoal Lake


A comforting gurgle sounds