Tips for Seeing Street Art in Penang

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The street art in Penang is incredible. As one of the street art capitals of the world, Penang is a must visit for street art lovers and travelers interested in quirky, interesting things to see. 

Tips for Seeing Street Art in Penang

Healing Through Love: The Journey of Rediscovering Joy

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Rarely do we come across a book that truly teaches us about ourselves as humans, through the waves that life tosses us amongst. Luckily for us, I'm happy to share a book that does just that - Lisa Overman's new memoir, Healing Through Love: The Journey of Rediscovering Joy. In her book, Overman shares a lifetime of experiences (as memoirs do), but then departs from the standard path of memoir into deep intercultural insight.

How to Plan an Indochina Tour in 2018 and 2019

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Indochina, which was originally termed Indo-China, consists of the countries in Southeast Asia now known as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, and Vietnam. The countries are all within the sphere of influence of the Indian subcontinent and China, and also included part of Malaysia and Singapore in the original designation. Later, the term Indochina was used to refer to the French Indochina region that covered just Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, until each was recognized as an independent nation in the 1950s.

Music for a Winter's Eve

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 18, 2017 /
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Winter is a season for gathering together, and for solitude, for savoring connection and dealing with distance, for, as the song says, greeting a friend and welcoming a stranger. Music can be both timely and timeless about all this.

Florida Culture for the ‘Holidays 2017’ By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the ‘Holidays 2017’ By Josh Garrick 

Hunting Northern Lights Above the Arctic Circle: Local Experts Guide You There

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Dec 16, 2017 /
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Have you always dreamed of finding and photographing Northern Lights, especially above the Artic Circle? Perhaps you've loved the articles by our Northern Norway Editor, Benny Høynes, including his guide to photographing Northern Lights? Now you can learn from and watch northern lights with him!

New Elections in Barcelona May Restore Tranquility and Tourism to Region

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Many Americans traveling to Spain for the first time visit Barcelona. This beautiful port city is situated in the autonomous region of Catalonia. But the city famous for the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi has been mired in chaos lately.

Barcelona's Casa Mila. From New Elections in Barcelona May Restore Tranquility and Tourism to Region
Barcelona's Casa Mila

December Artist of the Month: Liam Hughes

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Every month here on Wandering Educators, we share the coolest artists and photographers. This fall I found the VERY coolest artist, Liam Hughes, of Liam Shard Jewelry. Liam creates amazing jewelry. I've already seen many, many pieces that I would just love to wear! His unique artistry showcases the best of many different patterns and designs - truly, there is something for everyone.  I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with Liam about his art, and the process of creating it. Here's what he had to say...

Traveling to Japan? Read the Japan Traveler's Companion

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Whether you've been to Japan and love it, or can't wait to go, I've got a book for you. Japan Traveler's Companion: Japan's Most Famous Sights from Okinawa to Hokkaido, by Rob Goss, is a treasure.

It's a beautiful book, perfect for dreaming and remembering.