Florida Culture for the Week of February 5, 2017 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of February 5, 2017 By Josh Garrick 
Feb 7 to 12 – Broadway in Orlando presents ‘A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder’

Cielo Nocturno: Nuevo Flamenco with Extraordinary Songwriter and Guitarist Russ Hewitt

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Winner of two World Music Awards, 'Cielo Nocturno' by renowned guitarist Russ Hewitt is a work of art. The Grammys? They know what they're doing by putting it on the ballot in three categories. Hewitt, now on his third album, is constantly growing, traveling, writing...and impressing listeners. His work is new to me, but one listen to Cielo Nocturno and I was hooked. When I interviewed him, I became even more of a fan.

The Right Hostel Makes A Difference

by Stephane Alexandre / Feb 03, 2017 /
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A few months ago, my friends and I went to Uruguay - and we had a blast! I have stayed in my fair share of hostels over the years, but the excitement of traveling always gets to me and I always forget these crucial steps when picking out and staying in a hostel or an airbnb.

Disclaimer: I vehemently prefer airbnbs

The Right Hostel Makes A Difference


Sabbatical Homes Listings: Spain

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Title: Central apartment
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date Posted: Feb. 2, 2017
Direct Link: http://www.AcademicHomes.com/view_home/11815
We are looking for a roommate to stay in our central apartment. The flat is big and has a big terrace. Also we have tow small chihuahuas. ...

For the complete home description & contact information, please click the link above to go directly to the home posting at AcademicHomes.com.


Artist of the Month: Dan Miller

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Feb 03, 2017 /
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I've never seen anything like it - and am so grateful to the internet for the discovery! When first seeing our Artist of the Month, Dan Miller's art, I was stunned. Every time I see something by him in my feed, I am happy, pause, reflect, breathe. He has an unusually calm and detailed way of sharing the natural world with viewers - one for which I am grateful. His medium? Colored pencils!

Job Posting: Chinese Language and Culture, Penn State Harrisburg

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Job Posting: Chinese Language and Culture, Penn State Harrisburg

Title: Lecturer in Chinese Language and Culture
Institution: Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg
Date Posted: Feb. 1, 2017
Direct Link: http://www.academickeys.com/r?job=89320
Lecturer in Chinese Language and Culture 
Penn State Harrisburg 

Why Bushman Outfitters Needs to be Your Travel Clothing HQ

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If you’re anything like me, you have a closet stuffed full of travel clothes – but few that you actually take with you, let alone wear often while you’re not traveling. Why? It’s rare to find clothes that you want to wear at home – and while traveling. 

6 Magical Items to Keep You Safe at Hogwarts

by Sarah Albom / Feb 01, 2017 /
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Every Harry Potter fan has dreamt of walking the halls of Hogwarts, or performing complex spells that will turn any enemy into a bat or mouse. But we’ve begun to grow up. Our minds have moved on to reality, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been tucked away on to a dusty shelf of our subconscious.

Apply today: IREX Teachers for Global Classrooms (TGC) Program

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The 2017 application for the Teachers for Global Classrooms (TGC) Program is now available!