Book Review of the Week: A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome

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One word: Michelangelo. You're already thinking, aren't you, about all of his famous works of art? I think of his great, great impact on the world, and just stand in awe of his talent. I recently read a new book about Michelangelo, by our very own Italy Editor, Angela Nickerson.

Can I Come With You? Social Documentary Photography

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We all love to travel. Most of us take photos as we travel.  Some of us even try to help out, somehow, when we travel. However, we can always do more of the above, can't we? I've recently devoured a new book that highlights the magnificent, painful, poignant, and human side of traveling with your eyes and ears open.  The book? Can I Come With You?

Terlena: Breaking of a Nation

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Documentary films often show us the real story behind what we think we know. As an educational tool, they are incredible. As a window into another life, they are critical to humanity.

Looking For Local Color

by nonameharbor / Oct 06, 2008 /

Those Mile Marker People


Florida Keys people aren't interesting

Native American Music

by Kerry Dexter / Oct 04, 2008 /
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Foreign Language Proficiency in the US

by Asako Maruoka / Oct 03, 2008 /
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Enhancing Foreign Language Proficiency  In the United States

Preliminary Results of
The National Security Language Initiative

Kids Fun at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

by Lillie Forteau / Oct 03, 2008 /
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We recently went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? If you haven't, it is so much fun. If you haven't, it will be super duper duper fun. Here are some photos that my mom took. I will tell you about each one.



Michigan Renaissance Festival

Here is a kids ride, I thought the dragon was cool. It looks spinny (that's a joke).

Nat'l Geographic Glimpse Seeking Correspondents

by Bert Maxwell / Oct 03, 2008 /
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 We've posted here about National Geographic Glimpse's Correspondents Program. Here's a new Call for Applicants. Good luck!


National Geographic Glimpse is a new multimedia platform devoted to exploring real life abroad. Glimpse features great stories by young Americans living overseas and navigating new cultures. The Correspondents Program is an opportunity for especially talented young storytellers who will be living abroad in Spring 2009.

Glimpse Correspondents: