Monastery Stays: A Unique Accommodation Choice in Italy

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While traveling, we try to get off the beaten path - both in the areas we travel, and in the foods and accommodations that we like. There's nothing worse than staying at a chain hotel while abroad - looks the same as it does in Chicago. Get out and experience the local culture - that's my motto.

Book Review of the Month: Going Dutch in Beijing

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I recently discovered a gem of a book about different customs around the world, entitled Going Dutch In Beijing. This book is full of information to smooth your path while abroad, while at the same time being interculturally sensitive. Eager to share this book with others, I sat down to chat with the author, Mark McCrum. Here's what he had to say...

Going Dutch in Beijing - Mark McCrum

July Artisan of the Month: Mark McCrum

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There is something about art - good art - that calls to us. When I see a landscape that is particularly well done, I feel like I was there - catching the mood, basking in the sunset. One of my very favorite artists is one I've just discovered, Mark McCrum. His watercolors are just incredible - extraordinary paintings of places around the world.


Montreal for Nouveau-bies

by Brian Westbye / Jun 30, 2008 /
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Je ne parle pas Francais.

Step into History along the Ohio

by Betty Jo Riggs / Jun 30, 2008 /
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The Jefferson Hotel: Richmond's Gem...and a Great Deal

by Lexa Pennington / Jun 28, 2008 /
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With gas prices being so high, many U.S. travelers are choosing to travel closer to home, or visit areas in the U.S. instead of heading overseas.


YOTEL: A New Solution for Weary Travelers

by Bert Maxwell / Jun 28, 2008 /
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Hidden Treasures: Two Rather Old Men in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley

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“This is Osama bin Laden,” the driver said matter-of-factly, knowing I was American and pointing to his bearded friend in the passenger seat. I gave the man’s friend a good look and placed my hand on his shoulder before saying, “Great, we’ve been looking for you!”