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Wandering Educators is a travel library for people curious about the world. Our core audience is influential educators, followed by people seeking travel and educational advice. The website is used as a resource for families, teens, educators, professionals, and college age students who are planning international travel.


Wandering Educators' Resource Profiles offer a new, multimedia way to reach travelers



Semester at Sea, India


We’re creating an in-depth recommended resource directory, hand-curated by someone with influence in a variety of fields. Each recommended resource will include a personal interview with you via email, photos, and even a YouTube live streaming interview. To see an article where we use this format, please click here.


Our Resource Profiles provide a comprehensive platform to connect with and engage travelers


Why not a regular resource directory, with just listings? Because our readers find this in-depth format by far the most valuable – and it gives you a chance to shine.


Studying abroad in Rome - at the Colosseum



Scroll down the page, view our social media statistics, then find the category that is best suited for you.


To be included in our Resource Directory:

We charge $500 for a listing, $250/yr renewal after the first year for:
•    An email interview
•    Inclusion of photos, provided by you
•    Personal recommendation
•    Nofollow link, according to Google’s policies
•    Any updates you’d like us to include over the year
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Resource Directory Upgrade $150

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Website Stats 11/2014

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Social Media Stats 11/2014

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Faculty Perspective: Study Abroad with Dr. Dave Louis



Categories in our Recommended Resource Directory:


•    Gap Year
•    High School Abroad
•    Intern Abroad
•    Study Abroad
•    Teach Abroad
•    Volunteer Abroad
•    Art Travel Classes
•    Cultural Travel Classes
•    Fitness Travel Classes
•    Food Travel Classes
•    Language Programs
•    Photography Travel Classes
•    Writing Travel Retreats/Conferences


How to give an elephant a bath



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S Hutton, Semester at Sea: A Life-Changing College Experience

Stasia Lopez, Study abroad 101: where first-generation college student meets Italy

Dave Lewis, Faculty Perspective: Study Abroad with Dr. Dave Louis

Austin Weihmiller, How to Give an Elephant a Bath