Life isn’t fair

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Life isn’t fair

There are those who travelled from far distance across the mountains, rivers, and seas

 seeking protection from wars, diseases, and natural disasters from every direction. 

Our initial experiences are still driven by fear 

The fear of losing loved ones, and we can't afford to lose another 

Building Language Skills with a Foreign Penpal

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Only 10 pieces of personal mail are received each year by the average American household. With that number including holiday cards and invitations, there isn’t much room left for letters. It is no longer commonplace for one to write or receive a handwritten letter in the mail, but many believe it is a beautiful gesture.

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

by Culinary Spelunker / Jun 24, 2019 /
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Reimagined from the bones of an old fish cannery, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California, stands apart as one of the top aquariums in the world. The expansive 3.3-acre, 320,000-square-foot facility melds into the Monterey Bay taking advantage of its unique position as part of a National Marine Sanctuary.

Florida Artist Creates Unique Monument to “Unmourned Animals”

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In the Hartsdale, New York Pet Cemetery, there is now a bronze and granite memorial unlike the hundreds of ‘monuments’ – large and small – dedicated to the animals who once had a loving human companion.

“Josh Recommends” in a JULY 4 Week-end Special Edition By Josh Garrick

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“Josh Recommends” in a JULY 4 Week-end Special Edition By Josh Garrick 

10 Travel Ideas to Write About

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Year round, people to take time off work and take a holiday to rejuvenate themselves–and some may need guidance on how to make their travels more enjoyable. 

As a travel blogger, you need to write captivating content that will give your readers inspiration of what to do during the holidays when they travel. 

History Comes Alive in Rüdesheim am Rhein

by Sandy Bornstein / Jun 20, 2019 /
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Like many international travelers, I have landed in Frankfurt on my way to another destination and then departed a short time later. Until recently, I never considered exploring the city or any nearby destinations. After seeing history come alive in Frankfurt, we drove into the countryside to Rüdesheim am Rhein in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Music and Horizons: Stories of Hope

by Kerry Dexter / Jun 19, 2019 /
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Early summer: it's often a season of weddings, graduations, changes, endings, new beginnings. The shifting world situations which were at the beginnings of this series of articles continue to evolve and present their own challenges, too. With those things in mind, here are five pieces of music to spark and accompany reflection, contemplation, celebration, and hope.

Music and Horizons: Stories of Hope

“Josh Recommends” for the Week of June 14, 2019 By Josh Garrick

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“Josh Recommends” for the Week of June 14, 2019 By Josh Garrick 

… NEW and Continuing 

Travel to Asia: A New Understanding–Villages Found

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Early in the trip, I found my heart aching for the lost fishing village in Hong Kong. Although I understand the adage, “things change,” it seemed like a remarkable loss. Small villages and communities are the backbone of any nation, and diversity is strength. Relishing the vibrancy of the industrial section of Mongkok and its main market, I realized that this Hong Kong history also appeared fragile. Many shop owners and vendors were elderly, and seemed to struggle. Most areas of Hong Kong were filled with young people, completely glued to their phones.