Music for Shifting Times: Lighting the Path

by Kerry Dexter / Aug 19, 2019 /
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Light to dark and back again, times and news and stories shift. Music for Shifting Times is what we decided to call this series about music. It proved more prescient than we could have known back when we began.

What lights the path, where and how to draw strength when darkness closes in and challenges rise is one of the ideas that is a constant in what I share with you.

History Comes Alive at the Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco

by Sandy Bornstein / Aug 19, 2019 /
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A two-night stay at the Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco, in the aftermath of our journey to Machu Picchu, offered an exceptional opportunity to absorb the region’s history. Developers in the 1960s transformed this former 16th-century Spanish seminary, built on top of a grand Inca palace, into a hotel. In 1999, the Orient-Express Hotels (today the Belmond Hotel brand) started restoring the colonial Renaissance architecture. 

Photographer of the Month: Aaron Cooper

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Aug 17, 2019 /
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One look at the extraordinary photos from our featured photographer, Aaron Cooper, and you'll do as I did: fall into his landscapes, a bit like Alice. He perfectly captures the essence of place and spirit. 

Portage, Michigan. Boat Dock ©ACD&M 2019. Photographer Aaron Cooper
Portage, Michigan. Boat Dock ©ACD&M 2019

“Josh Recommends” for the Week of August 15, 2019 By Josh Garrick

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“Josh Recommends” for the Week of August 15, 2019 By Josh Garrick 

7 Beautiful Places To Visit In Bangkok

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is an extraordinary place. Rest assured you are guaranteed of an exceptional experience and reception when you visit. Forget about the heat and traffic jams, below are seven most alluring things to do when you visit the great city of Bangkok.

Restaurant Weeks Kicks into High Gear in the Alamo City

by Rosie Carbo / Aug 12, 2019 /
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Restaurant Weeks, a chance to dine on chef-prepared cuisine at dozens of San Antonio area restaurants, kicks off Aug. 10th and runs through Aug. 24. The biannual salute to the Alamo city’s best culinary talent is the brainchild of Culinaria.

Restaurant Weeks Kicks into High Gear in the Alamo City
Photo: Kirsten Kaiser, adapted by Wandering Educators

“Josh Recommends” for the Week of August 9, 2019 By Josh Garrick

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“Josh Recommends” for the Week of August 9, 2019 By Josh Garrick 

Current … 

5 Tips To Save More On Travel

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If there is any experience as personally enriching as a deep self-realization meditation, it has to be travelling. Travelling is the gateway to understanding your soul, and realize that there is more to this world than being cooped up in your own daily life. You need to travel more, not just to expand your horizons and gain more perspective/knowledge, but also to learn more about the world and your own self. 

But travel can be expensive!

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Setting Travel Goals

by Stacey Ebert / Aug 06, 2019 /
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It’s August–the month of balmy summer days, outdoor exploration, firefly chasing and lemonade stands. It’s the time of college planning, hints of back to school shopping, and high school sports practice. It’s the time of road trips and international excursions, hiking trips and beach outings, camping weekends and peaceful getaways by the lake.

Why All-Inclusive Travel Could Be Right for You

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Every year, travelers who are keen to explore the world and visit new destinations journey to a variety of different places. There are many different travel options available for those who are looking to book a trip away, which means that travelers are able to enjoy having more control over their travel plans, especially now that they can arrange everything online themselves.