A Road Retraveled

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We find the coolest people as we work on this site - from all sorts of places - listservs, magazines, blogs, and twitter.  One of my very favorite new friends is our Road Retraveled Editor here on Wandering Educators, Simone di Santi. We met on twitter and have been exchanging emails ever since. I am so impressed with Simone's site, A Road Retraveled.

musical holiday gift ideas

by Kerry Dexter / Nov 22, 2008 /
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Making your list, checking it twice -- whether that’s for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Solstice, or a host and hostess gift for the many gatherings of this season, music is always a good gift, one

Meet a World Endeavors Volunteer: Lindsey

by Lindsay Allen / Nov 21, 2008 /
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Travelling Europe

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We're excited to announce a new travel guide by our friend, and ESL and New Zealand Editor, Craig Martin of the Indie Travel Podcast. Craig and Linda's podcasts are legendary in the world of travel, and well-worth the weekly listen! When Craig said that they were expanding into travel guides, I was very excited.

Spontaneous Trip To Oz

by irishfireside / Nov 21, 2008 /
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Early on a Friday morning in March 2003, I got an unexpected call from a friend who worked at Harley-Davidson. The call went something like this...


Is Getting There Half the Fun?

by ARoadRetraveled / Nov 21, 2008 /
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The Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

by Pat Wion Hammond / Nov 21, 2008 /

NFT Travel Guides: DC Highlights

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One of our travel guides partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique
offerings on their website this week. Check out the following

Classic Florida Attractions Worth a Look

by Lexa Pennington / Nov 20, 2008 /
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Sunshine State Classics Can’t Be Touched
 Age-Old Florida Attractions Still Fun for All Generations