The Merasi School

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Recently I read of a school in India that is truly practicing international education and collaboration. The Merasi School is an incredible venture in India, co-created by two people from across the world.  Co-created by Caitie Whelan, our new India Editor, The Merasi School is a place for great community change - from within, and from without.

The Indie Travel Podcast

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I am so happy to be sharing this with our Wandering Educators! One of our Editors, Craig Martin (actually, he is doing double duty as both our New Zealand Editor and ESL Editor), has an incredible venture that he and his wife, Linda, have produced.

The Wheels on the Bus

by AGreene / Nov 03, 2008 /

It's been a little too long since I last posted and I apologize for it. In trying to give you a picture of daily life in Israel, the last post was going to the market. This is how we got from A to B.

Living and Teaching in Korea

by LadyExpat / Nov 02, 2008 /
Where to live on the ROK (Republic of Korea)...Part One of Two

From Penny-Pincher to Poshie in Dublin

by irishfireside / Nov 01, 2008 /
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Street view of Dublin

My original plan was to experience Dublin on a budget...sleep cheap, eat cheaper and tackle the city’s free and nearly free attractions. The opportunities for inexpensive siteseeing were endless, and things certainly started out on the right track.

NEH Collaborative Research Fellowship: Eurasia & E Europe

by Bert Maxwell / Nov 01, 2008 /
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Applications are now available for the 2009-2010 National Endowment for
Humanities Collaborative Research Fellowship.

Application deadline: February 15, 2009.

Fall at Meijer Gardens

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Oct 31, 2008 /
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Haunted Michigan

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As our last book review for Haunted October, we feature another Thunder Bay Press Book! This one? Full of real-life ghost stories. The book? Haunted Michigan: recent encounters with active spirits, authored by Reverend Gerald S.