Do You Need An Esta Visa When Traveling To The US?

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ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is a not so well-known automated system that was built to determine eligibility for people traveling to the US under VWP (Visa Waiver Program). The system is straightforward but since not much is known about it, most people make assumptions that are incorrect. One of the assumptions is that everyone needs an ESTA approval. In reality, you only need this in some specific situations. 

Journeys Through Landscape in Music

by Kerry Dexter / May 22, 2018 /
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In the midst of a city or out in wilderness, nature is a constant companion. The changing angle of light or the fall or rain — even if seen between tall buildings – reminds of the healing power of landscape. Wilderness might be challenging at times, but there too, the hand of nature may bring peace or connection. A familiar place or a new horizon – they both have power to refresh and restore.

This is an idea musicians have explored in many ways. It continues to be a source of inspiration for artists.

“Josh Recommends” for the Week of May 19, 2018 By Josh Garrick

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“Josh Recommends” for the Week of May 19, 2018 By Josh Garrick 

Top Ways to Immerse Yourself in Another Culture

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The best parts of traveling internationally is not only seeing new sights but experiencing different cultures. You can learn how people live, work, and play all around the globe. These kinds of experiences inform how you look at the world, build your empathy and understanding, and help you to learn more about yourself, while you’re at it.

Women in Comics: An Interview with Author Brent Clark Rogers

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You find the most interesting people at comic cons. Guess who we met at Grand Rapids Comic Con? None other than Brent Clark Rogers, author of the Brent Clark Rogers Guide to the DC Universe. We heard him speak about women in the comic book world - and knew we'd need to share his book. Here's what he had to say...
Women in Comics: An Interview with Author Brent Clark Rogers

Expert shares Top 5 Tips to Avoid the Crowds in National Parks

by Ed Forteau / May 17, 2018 /
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Memorial Day Weekend starts the begining of summer - and all the attendant travel plans! Our own national parks are becoming more and more popular for travelers looking for lower costs and higher values - and all that natural beauty! How do you avoid the big crowds on holiday weekends?

What Do You Know About America’s National Parks?

by smartpoodle / May 17, 2018 /

What Do You Know About America’s National Parks?

They Are Our Greatest Natural Treasures

What Do You Know About America’s National Parks?

Calistoga's Petrified Forest

by Penny Sadler / May 17, 2018 /
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What is a petrified forest? They look like trees, but when you touch them they're cold. Transformed by minerals in sediment, volcanic ash, and groundwater, the trees have become fossilized. No longer wood, these trees tell the story of the climate and ecosystem millions of years ago.


The Avenue of the Giants, Ferndale, Shelter Cove and a Healthy Dose of Fiction

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Retreat. The word conjures visions of luxury and purpose. Ours was no different. Three of us headed for Shelter Cove on the lost coast of California. Christened the "Lost Coast" after a 1930s population drain, the name reflects the area’s difficult accessibility. Challenges posed by the steep coastal mountains prevented construction along this stretch of Pacific coast and forced Highway 101 to jut inland. Travelers overlook this 80 mile stretch of the most undeveloped and underexplored portion of the California coast.

What to do with your kid at the airport?

by Ashley Steel / May 16, 2018 /
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You've got a lot of stuff, you're tense, you're tired, you're waiting for a plane, and you have a 4 year old (or a 6 yr old or a 9 yr old - they're all restless at the airport).  Maybe you have one hour to relax before the first flight or, perhaps, you have 4 hours to enjoy on a layover.  Yes!  "relax" and "enjoy".