GAP year is a great opportunity for students. Here’s why:

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High school is tough, and at times takes a toll on you by exhausting your wits, and no one is to blame, as tough essay writing tasks, homework, and peer pressure can crank your enthusiasm level down. Most students are so focused on their academic achievements that they overlook the importance of their well-being, which is required to survive real life! Here's how you can take a break from anxiety and recharge for the best.

Music for Spring's Changes

by Kerry Dexter / Feb 18, 2019 /
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Music for shifting times: that is what we've called this series. Part of the idea behind the music shared with you in the series is to guide you to music which may help you think about or live through the unexpected, disconcerting, strange -- choose your own more emphatic adjective if you like -- situations facing the world. 

5 Places to Go by Car from Chicago

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Chicago is such a gorgeous city, packed with arts, culture, sports, and, of course, located right on Lake Michigan. But perhaps you’d like to explore more of the Midwest? You’ve come to the right place! Rent a car from the Chicago Airport (either O'Hare or Midway) and discover these 5 fabulous places, all within driving distance, and making a road trip loop around Lake Michigan, and a bit further west. 

The History and Architecture of Riquewihr in Photos

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A visit to the fairytale village of Riquewihr is a prerequisite for history and architecture fans planning a trip to Alsace, France. A Plus Beaux Village, the town has an abundance of both medieval and renaissance architecture. The romantic half-timbered houses are perfectly restored, and no matter the time of year, you will see fresh flowers adorning every building.

Write This: Author Stacey Filak on Worldbuilding

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There she sat, at a VERY popular Free Comic Book Day at Fanfare Comics, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Though her table was swamped, we still edged in to ask about her book, which has a gorgeous cover and an intriguing title. Enter author Stacey Filak (and her book) into our lives, and hearts. 

Write This: Author Stacey Filak on Worldbuilding

How to Start a Travel Fund to See the World While Tackling Debt

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Whether you want to quit your job to travel the world, plan your next family vacation, or plan for that epic bucket list destination, it can be hard to do any of those things if you're in massive debt. But just because you have a lot of debt to pay back does not mean that you necessarily have to put your travel plans on the back burner. This article will not only help you decide if travel and paying off your debt are both manageable goals, but it will give you a few tips that will help you save both for your next trip and for debt repayment. 

10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

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Welcome to the exquisite Pannonian-Adriatic gem of Eastern Europe that is Croatia. Adorned with a long stretch of quintessential deep karst mountains belonging to the Dinaric Alps, the steep Dalmatian Coast, and the pristine, deep blue Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a world-class travel destination.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

Studying Abroad in London: Sharing Your Experience

by Heather Robinette / Feb 11, 2019 /
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If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, last month I wrote about capturing your study abroad experience. Now, I’m going to discuss some ways you can share your experience. Hopefully this helps give you some ideas. The biggest thing is sharing your experience where it makes sense for you. 

Studying Abroad in London: Sharing Your Experience

Behind the Scenes with the Phantom of the Opera, Quentin Oliver Lee

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I got the great chance to interview the extremely talented Quentin Oliver Lee, who phenomenally plays the Phantom in our favorite rendition of The Phantom Of The Opera, currently playing at Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and touring both in the US and worldwide. 

Behind the Scenes with the Phantom of the Opera, Quentin Oliver Lee

Why You Need to See the Phantom of the Opera

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Take a trip to gothic 1800s, where curses, ghosts, and opera lead your heart down to the underbelly of Paris.