5 Family-Friendly Restaurants in and around Houston

by MyKidsEatSquid / Aug 22, 2016 /
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Texas may be known for its barbecue but you’re missing a lot of its others eats if that’s all you have while visiting. On a recent trip to Houston, which skirts the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, I was surprised by the variety of cuisines offered within the city and its surrounding areas.

That’s right, Houston is a foodie town.

Sure, I expected plenty of Tex-Mex joints and barbecue dives, but what I didn’t plan on is a world of flavors tucked around nearly every corner.

Florida Culture for the Week of August 20, 2016 by Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of August 20, 2016 by Josh Garrick

2016 International Young Scholars Workshop Studies Equity, Community Engagement

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2016 International Young Scholars Workshop Studies Equity, Community Engagement: Cape Town Broadens Research and Minds

A Purple Church, Houses on Stilts, and the Sea in Castro, Chile

by Anders Bruihler / Aug 18, 2016 /

The large island of Chiloé is a wonderful place. We are in Castro, which was founded in 1576, and it is Chile’s third oldest city in continued existence. 1000 km south of Santiago, this place brims with culture, from the wool weavings of local artisans to the wooden purple and yellow church of Castro. We pass by the front of this remarkable church on our way to eat lunch.

Meeting a Costume Creator: Creativity and Inspiration with Rebecca Sharpe

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I've seen fursuits and other animal costumes around before, especially at our annual Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering. But when we were at the BlackRock Medieval Festival this summer, I was completely amazed by one gryphon - Taruk, created by Michigander Rebecca Sharpe.

The Best 9 Exotic Fruits to Try at a Thai Market

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If you have ever been to Thailand, you have probably seen, heard, or eaten a variety of wacky things. Hopefully fruit was one of them. If you haven't tried any Thai fruits, you are simply missing out. Thailand has some of the best tropical fruits in the world…seriously, this is not debatable. They are cheap, delicioious, and fun to eat. 

Photographer of the Month: Greg Viau

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Aug 18, 2016 /
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I'm always inspired whenever I look at Instagram, but some photographers seem to have that extra SOMETHING that makes their photos stand out from the 737 photos that are uploaded every second (!!). One such photographer is our Photographer of the Month, Greg Viau, a Michigan photographer that truly shares the beauty in this world, photo by photo.

Nature Explorers – Igniting children’s learning naturally

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Nature Explorers is a nature based preschool program available for children who currently attend Pottsville Community Preschool in Pottsville, NSW, Australia.

The Most Interesting Things to do in Lofoten, Norway

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At 68° North, the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway is located just 2 degrees north of the Arctic Circle. And while it may seem like an extremely cold location, because of the Gulf Stream, Lofoten features less harsh winters than you expect. 

Explore the world with no rent: Top tips for being a successful housesitter

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From Arizona to the Yucatan in Mexico, there are numerous gorgeous places that you can stay worldwide - for FREE - in return for some caretaking, housesitting, pet sitting, lawnmowing, and/or other duties. As a caretaker/housesitter, you can easily travel and live (or work) in many exotic places: mountain, lake, city, rural… and live like a local for anything from a few days to a couple of years.