A Guide to Navigating A Thai Open Air Market

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In Asia, grocery stores are hard to find and always overpriced. For this reason, locals rarely frequent them and instead run to open air markets

Open air markets are vibrant, fabulous places full of aromatic food, colorful clothing, fruits and vegetables, and anything else you can think of. The goods are cheap, and these markets can be found in every city across Thailand. 

#TeachAbroadBecause… you get to live, travel, and work in another country!

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Upon finishing her A-levels, Anna, an Austrian native, took a gap year as an Au Pair in France to improve her French and create new experiences. Currently, she is studying Cultural and Social Anthropology in Vienna. In Anna’s free time, she loves spending time with the scouts, cooking, yoga, and snowboarding. She hopes to continue traveling with plans to visit Asia and the U.S. soon! 

#TeachAbroadBecause ...it’s the best of all lifestyles!

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Jill Dobbe is an international educator and published author who writes about her experiences living and working in schools and countries around the world. 

Jill Dobbe. #TeachAbroadBecause ...it’s the best of all lifestyles!

A Weekend in Norfolk Celebrates Art, Music, and Nature

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Norfolk, Connecticut, population 1600, is not a town that tends to blow its own horn. In fact, many who live in this unspoiled hamlet in the Litchfield Hills rather like having their hometown's New England charm and beautiful surroundings to themselves.

A Weekend in Norfolk Celebrates Art, Music, and Nature

Discovering your Adventurous Side in Lanzarote

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Experiencing new cultures and foods is one of the best things about going away. Last minute holidays to places that you don't know much about, combined with a little bit of last minute research on the impromptu getaways out there, can result in some of the most exciting trips. If you're thinking about a trip to Lanzarote, Spain, but are unsure about taking the plunge, read on to find out a little bit more.

Filmmaker Ken Feinberg’s Creative Studios of Atlanta Present Santa’s Boot Camp

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There’s a rift between Santa and his Elves: half of his toy production team are on strike just a few days before Christmas, and the holiday gifts are in jeopardy. Noticing the troubling behavior of a six adolescents in line to see a mall Santa in Atlanta, the real Saint Nick uses his magic to summon them to his toy factory in order to help save Christmas. After failing to engineer an escape, the kids ultimately realize the importance of doing good for each other, and launch a plan to bring Santa and his Elves back together just in time.

Exploring Belize with Moon Guides and Lebawit Lily Girma: The Essence of Belizean Culture and Its People

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Belize - gorgeous waters, perfect for diving and snorkeling; ancient ruins; rainforests and caves; the tallest waterfall in Central America; wildlife and marinelife; and a deep culture that entices you to explore more deeply. Affectionately called "The Jewel" by locals, this is a destination worth exploring.  I recently read Moon Guides Belize, by Lebawit Lily Girma, and let me tell you - I'm impressed.

An Elephant for Education: The Human and Hope Association, Cambodia

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Between 1975 and 1979, an estimated two million people (a quarter of the population at the time) were killed in Cambodia through starvation, torture, execution, disease and overwork under the ruling of the Khmer Rouge. Intellectuals were targeted, and as a result, Cambodia lost most of their educated population. 

10 Disney World Tips for One Day Park Hoppers

by Nathanael Nims / Jul 28, 2016 /
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Disney World is fun, exciting, exhausting, and expensive entertainment. It is even more exhausting for the One Day Park Hopper. Whether your visit to Disney World is just a stop along the way or a big planned vacation, follow these Disney World tips to help create memories you’ll want to remember.

10 Disney World Tips for One Day Park Hoppers

Observations of a Disney Water Park Rookie

In the many times I’ve visited Walt Disney World, I had never once been to a water park – until my most recent trips. Although a few half-day visits hardly make me an expert, I thought I’d share some of my first impressions of the Disney water park experience, and perhaps offer some useful tidbits to Disney travelers new, like myself, to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.