Kids Tales: Teens Making a Positive Impact on our World

by Lisa Doctor / Feb 20, 2016 /
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Katie Eder is a tenth grade student—and an award-winning educator. Her passion for creative writing and her belief that kids can change the world led her to found Kids Tales, a non-profit workshop for elementary school students in low income areas, where original short stories are compiled into anthologies and self-published on 

Rotterdam: Not the Poor Cousin

I suppose that if you are “going Dutch,” and you are lulled by the lure of Amsterdam Gouda, Haarlem, or even The Hague, all gables and canals, then Rotterdam may come as a bit of a disappointment.

Well, fooled be you.

Like going to see the Mona Lisa and walking past the Pissarro, without much of a glance.

10 Ways to Create a Happy Atmosphere for Flying

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Flying can be stressful - let's not even dig into the reasons why, because it will just make us crabby. But in an effort to discover more happiness in travel, we've published a three part series that focuses on the positive - happy tips for travel. Our resource for all questions about happiness is Deborah Heisz, Editorial Director of Live Happy - and ask her a few questions. Deborah has a B.A. in English from Texas Tech University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

#StudyAbroadBecause... Life is too short for regrets

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Kirsten Maxwell runs Kids Are A Trip, which is a family travel resource sharing tips and advice about travel with children in hopes of helping other families plan their vacations. She notes, "We are a Chicago-based family with three boys who love to explore the world around us. We believe travel in itself is an education and we hope to educate ourselves and others as we share our experiences and adventures around the world."

Exploring the Music of Ireland

by Kerry Dexter / Feb 16, 2016 /
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The music of Ireland: it is a source of connection, a way of celebration, a path for reaching across borders and boundaries. It can be a way of sharing and creating stories, of connecting families and welcoming strangers, remembering absent loved ones, and gaining perspective on present troubles.

Exploring the Music of Ireland

A Locals' Guide to New York City? Yes, Please!

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You know how it is: big city = overwhelming choices! You want a friend, a local to show you around. Luckily for us, author Gigi Griffis has a WHOLE series of travel guides, where locals share their best tips (we've shared her Italy guide here). Her newest, released today, is a guide to New York City, one of the most intimidating cities to travel to, for there are TOO MANY CHOICES for what to see, do, explore!

Florida Culture for the Week of February 15, 2016 by Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of February 15, 2016 by Josh Garrick

Pirates, Port Wine, and Cool Caves in St. John's, Newfoundland

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Feb 13, 2016 /
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It's 1679. Place yourself in the mindset of a Portuguese ship's captain with a full cargo of port. Now, place yourself on one of the most beautiful islands of the world. No, not in the Caribbean - you're in Newfoundland, Canada, and in avoiding pirates (those rascally knaves), you've veered to St. John's and had to winter over. 

Top Destinations to Study for your Business Degree

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Perhaps at some point in time, you have imagined yourself setting up and running an international multi-billion-dollar business enterprise. However, before venturing out, those who have succeeded before you will recommend that it is a good idea to first learn the ropes and basics of business. Getting a Business Degree overseas may be the best route as it gives you an international perspective, and, let’s be honest here, is often much cheaper!

Free Download: Accidental Poetry: Improve Your English Through Creative Writing

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Teachers! Writers! New speakers of English—or any other language! For three days only—February 13, 14, and 15—the Kindle version of Accidental Poetry: Improve Your English Through Creative Writing by Lisa Lieberman Doctor can be downloaded for free on